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16 Ton Capacity Crane | XCMG

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Model SQ16SK4Q Unit
Max Lifting Capacity 16000 kg
Max Lifting Moment 40 T.M
Recommend Power 45 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 80 L/min
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System 28 MPa
Oil Tank Capacity 260 L
Rotation Angle All Rotation
Crane Weight 6020 kg
Installation Space 1400 mm
Choice of Chassis BJ1317VNPJJ-S5;NXG1310D3ZEX;DFL1311A3;
SQ16SK4Q Lifting capability diagram
Working radius(m) 2.7 5.6 8.5 11.5 14.5 18.5
Lifting capacity(kg) 16000 7000 4200 3200  2200 1000

16 Ton Capacity Crane | XCMG

The 16 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG is essential in today's construction industry. It is more mobile when compared to traditional mounted crane trucks. Yet still, it is easy to set it up, and one can easily upgrade to include more features. As a modern truck mounted crane, it can lift up to 16,000kgs of weight. Below are some of the notable features of this mounted crane truck:


The 16 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG is among the small truck-mounted cranes that boast of a lightweight. With just a weight of 6020kgs, it can still lift up to 16,000kgs. The use of light but high strength steel gives this machine natural operation ability. It also makes it easy to have an all rotation angle of 360 degrees which further enhances easy loading and offloading.

The Hydraulic system

The hydraulic system of this truck mounted crane for sale features a rational layout that makes the maintenance of the equipment easy. The hydraulic system boasts of maximum oil flow of up to 80L/min. This is a notable technology that significantly improves the speed of the system. The maximum pressure of the system is 28Mpa. The system has further been enhanced by the use of hydraulic locks and valves that are made of classy components.

Lifting capacity and working radius

When it comes to crane mounted trucks for sale, these two factors are directly proportional. The 16 Ton Truck Mounted Crane can lift 16,000kgs with a working radius of 2.7M. When this mounted crane truck is lifting 7000kgs, the working radius needed is 5.6M. It can lift 4200kgs and 3200kgs within a maximum working radius of 8.5M and 11.5m, respectively. Smaller weights of up to 1000kgs can be lifted within a working radius of 18.5M.

Small truck-mounted cranes are essential in the construction industry. If you need the best for lifting up to 16000kgs, the 16 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG is definitely the best option.

  1. 16 TON CAPACITY CRANE review by Edward Ross on 3/29/2022

    Thank you so much for your outstanding crane truck.

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