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175 KW Crawler Asphalt Paver | OEM

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Item Specifications Specifications
Vehicle model SUM820 SUM820YE
Engine model BF6M1013ECP BF6M1013ECP
Engine power (kW) 175 175
Rated speed of engine (r/min) 2000 2000
Cooling method Water cooling Water cooling
Diesel tank capacity (L) 280 280
Exhaust gas emission Europe Stage II/China II Europe Stage II/China II
Paving productivity (theoretical value) (t/h) 1000 900
Paving thickness (maximum) (mm) 400 300
Paving speed (m/min) 0-20 0-20
Travel speed (km/h) 0-3.6 0-3.6
Crawler length (mm) 3085 3085
Crawler width (mm) 325 .325
Hopper capacity (t) 16 16
Scraper conveyor belt 2 2
Scraper conveyor belt speed (m/min) 18.8 18.8
Spiral charge distributor 2 2
Revolving speed of spiral charge distributor (r/min) 0-150 0-150
Diameter of charge distributor (mm) 360/420/500 360/420
Machine dimension (L??W??H) (mm) 6659??2500??3966 (3072 transportation height) 6940??3000??3966 (3072 transportation height)
Minimum operating width (m) 2.5 3.0
Maximum operating width (m) 9.0 9.0
Machine voltage (V) 24 24
Heating method Propane gas heating Electrical heating
Machine weight (kg) 17025 17025

175 KW Asphalt Paver | OEM

175 KW Asphalt Paver is the most advanced developments in multifunctional paver segment. Those looking for an efficient asphalt paving machine to be used at the highways can find it useful. To be specific, these are widely used these days at the urban roads. It is pretty widely used for surface paving as well.

Low emission and minimal fuel consumption

One of the key aspects making it the most effective road paver machine is its configuration that is mechanically pretty stretched. Strategically set paving width is also one of the reasons behind the smooth performance. Keeping the high-end usages in mind, the paving thickness is maintained at the optimal level here.

It is undeniably true that this segment of the asphalt paving machine for sale is hugely popular due to its low emission characteristics. At the same time, it is hugely popular for its nominal fuel consumption. This lower fuel consumption characteristic is the reason that people are always satisfied with the asphalt paver price.

Technically enriched

Providing utmost satisfaction to the user, it generates minimal possible noise. Needless is to say that such low sound-emitting machines are hugely preferred in modern-day construction units. Credit goes to the distinct hydraulic drive fan meant for the composite heat sink unit generating minimal noise.

Moreover, it automatically gets adapted with higher temperature conditions. It holds the ability to get adapted with superior temperature condition of even 55 degree Celsius. The machine is technically enriched with an advanced electronic pavement management unit.

It is here to note that the electronic pavement management unit is based on CAN bus parameters. To sum up things, this 175 KW Asphalt paving machine meets the modern-day standard of construction and paving. Being super performing and low noise emitting, it holds all characteristics to be used at prominent projects.

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