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24cbm Fire Truck | OEM

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Truck Chassis specifications
Dimensions (mm) 11900??2500??3635
Total mass ( kg) 41000
Drive form 8??4 ; left hand drive
Maximum speed (km/h) 95
Wheelbase ( mm) 1800+4600+1350
Displacement 9726 ml
Emission Standards Euro 3
Engine power/model D10.38-50 ; ( Inline 6 cylinder, Turbocharged Intercooled); 276kw???375HP???
Gearbox Manual ;
Tire quantity/specification 10 +1 ( Spare tire ) ; 12.00-20

Truck Chassis specifications
Model CB10/80 Fire Pump
Form/Installation location 2 stage engine driven centrifugal pump / Rear of the body
Flow rate: 80L/[email protected]
pressure: 1.0MPa
Maximum suction depth 7m
Water diversion time ???35s

Fire cannon
Model/flow PS80W fire cannon / 80L/S
Rotation angle: 360?? horizontal rotation
Elevation/depression angle: Depression angle ??? -15??, elevation angle ??? +45??
Installation location: top of the tank
Tank setting Injection mouth ???On the left and right sides of the water tank; each connected to 2 DN65 interfaces
Inlet and outlet runner???Set a water tank to the water inlet pipe, DN150 valve; Set up a water pump to the water tank of the water pipe , DN65 valve, Can be controlled manually or pneumatically

24bm Fire Truck | OEM

A fire truck is among several other critical firefighting apparatuses that a fire department can???t afford to go wrong with. The fire engine needs to be strong, dependable, and durable. This 24bm fire truck by Sinotruk perfectly fits all the above needs- no wonder it???s a go-to choice for hundreds of departments around the globe.

Truck Engine Specifications

These fire trucks for sale utilize Sinotruk???s largest and most powerful engine in its Steyr Automotive Engine series: the D10.38-50. This is a 375HP engine capable of outputting 276kW of power and a maximum torque of 1560NM. This Euro 3 engine has a rated speed of 2000 r/min, a displacement of 9.726L, and a Specific Fuel Consumption of ???189 (g/kW.h).
In a bid to put maximum control to your firemen, Sinotruk decided to fit this fire truck with manual transmission- a move that also makes this firefighter truck relatively affordable and much more efficient in terms of fuel economy.

Chassis and Wheelbase Configuration

This 24bm fire engine for sale is approximately 11900mm by 2500mm by 3635mm and weighs 41 tons. This is an 8x4 left-driven fire engine truck with a wheelbase of 1800mm by 4600mm by 1350mm. It runs on a total of ten 12.00-20 tires and you???ll also get 1 spare tire.

Fire Pump and Water Cannon Specifications

Flaunting the title of the biggest fire truck from Sinotruk, this new fire engine boasts the CB10/80 fire pump- a 2-stage engine driven centrifugal pump located at the rear of the body.

This pump tops an impressive water flow rate of 80L/S at 1.0MPa and has a maximum suction depth of 7 meters and a water diversion time of ???35 seconds.

This big fire truck has also been fitted with an enormous water cannon to match the strength of the pump. The cannon lets out 80L of water per second and can rotate 360 degrees horizontally. It also has a depression angle of ???-15 degrees and an elevation of over 45 degrees.

Fire Pump and Water Cannon Specifications

  • Seats: 3+4
  • Air conditioned
  • Power windows with central locking
  • USB audio interface
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