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25-ton Asphalt Distributor - XZJ5250 | XCMG

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Item Specifications Unit
??? XZJ5250GLQ  
Spraying width 200-6000 mm
Asphalt spraying dosage 0.2???3.0 kg/m2
Asphalt tank capacity 13000 L
Max.total weight 25 t
Spraying precision ??1.5% ???
Chassis Model ZZ1257M4647C ???
Engine power  198 kw
Site transfer speed ???80 km/h
Spraying medium Emulsified asphalt, hot (modified) asphalt, Kerosene cutback asphalt ???
Heating Diesel burner ???
Fuel tank 400 L
Electrical system 24 V
Dimension 10830??2496??3900 ???

25-Ton Asphalt Distributer | XCMG

The 25-ton asphalt distributor is meant for delivering super efficacious and precise spraying application purpose. It is the most asphalt roller machine capable of delivering superior hauling as well. Specifically, the challenging tasks like asphalt emulsion spraying can be effectively handled through the high-end machines of such.

Range of applications

Asphalt roller of the supreme most capability is looked for applying bitumen to the roads. It can be equally efficient for application of emulsions on the pathways as well. Moreover, it can be useful for the base stabilization tasks of all size versions as well. There is a great use of these asphalt rollers at the parking lots as well. Credit should be given to the supremely high-end design that makes it effective for cost-effective functionalities. At the same time, the level of accuracy it is capable of meeting in terms of spraying of bitumen is simply incomparable. The asphalt compactor can also be the most promising in terms of meeting the utmost level precision with bitumen spraying. It holds an equal level of effectiveness in terms of spraying of track coating materials with ultimate accuracy as well.

Effectively handling the challenging tasks

Great to know is that the asphalt roller machine in modern times can be developed in a customized way explicitly for spraying up of liquid emulsions. Specifically, liquid emulsions meant for chip sealing can be handled the most effective fashion through asphalt rollers of such. It is here to note that a super-efficient asphalt roller of such is capable of handling a huge range of emulsion products. The challenging applications like foundation coating spray are recommended to be handled through high-end asphalt compactor of such. Being technologically enriched, these devices also enable the user to measure the efficiency or performance of these machines. Moreover, these segments of devices are pretty proven in terms of their performance.

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