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26 Ton Long Reach Excavator - XE260CLL | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Operation weight 27500 Kg
Bucket capacity 0.4 m??
Output power 128.5/2100 kw/rpm
Bucket digging force 76.3 kN
Max. digging height 13800 mm
Max. digging depth 14915 mm
Max. digging reach 18258 mm

26 Ton Medium Excavator XE260CLL | XCMG

The 26 Ton Medium Excavator XE260CLL is an XCMG excavator that utilizes an imported powerful and fuel-efficient power engine system that provides features such as an environmentally friendly and energy-saving engine, low noise, reliability, low emissions, and low-temperature starting performance. This excavator is best used for the following conditions:

  • River dredging, lake cleaning, reservoir maintenance
  • Bank protection and implementation, and repair for the macrodome operation
  • Agricultural construction and soil stripping

Excavator Engine

The new medium excavator uses a smart matching design that provides energy saving controls, lower oil consumption, and higher efficiency. Specifically, the medium excavator sold by XCMG uses a turbo charger and silencer. This turbo charger uses automatic preheating which allows the machine to be able to work at lower temperatures more comfortably. The silencer both increases the cooling capabilities of the excavator and decreases noise.

Driver Usability of the Excavator

The new generation of control systems in the new model XE260CLL excavator by XCMG features:

  • Humanized designed cab that has increased cabin space, new suspension seats, suspension airbags, and adjustable seating height for driver convenience
  • Intelligent operation using the new ESS microcomputer power control system
  • Evenly arranged shock absorbers reducing cabin vibration and bringing about a safer driving environment
  • Intelligent operation using the new ESS microcomputer power control system
  • High power and energy efficient air conditioner

Build Quality of the XE260CLL Excavator

The XE260CLL medium excavator for sale by XCMG is built with high durability, reliability, and light weight. Because of the strengthened chassis frame and wider crawler size, the excavator is now more stable while still reasonably sized to fit smaller areas. The counterweight weight is now also increased to improve vehicle stability. The boom and arm are also strengthened with reinforcing plates to better distribute weight.

XCMG Excavator Maintenance Convenience

The medium excavator???s design enables for ease of maintenance but focuses on higher quality parts to decrease repair and maintenance periods. In addition, the excavator is designed with the oil and water separator, fuel filter, oil filter, and pilot filter set conveniently for easy inspection and replacement.

  1. great so far review by Charlie Thompson on 7/8/2021

    this excavator has completely surpassed our expectations.

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