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3-ton Wheel Loader - L938F | SDLG

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Technical parameters of 13-ton Medium Wheel Loader - L938F:

Operating weight (kg) Bucket capacity (m??) Rated load (kg) Max. breakout force (kN) Max.dumping height (E) Dumping distance (G) Overall dimension (L??W??H) Max. traction force (kN) Total time (s) Steering angel(??) Tipping load (Kn) Rated power (Kw)
12500 1.9(1.9-2.5) 3000 ???73 2795mm 1150mm 7420??2616??3360 ???90 ???9.39s 37?? ???64Kn 115Kw

3 Ton Wheel Loader L938F | SDLG

3 ton wheel loader L938F by SDLG is capable of moving sand and gravel to salt and snow, the L938F midsize wheel loader is suited for all seasons. The loader is equipped with an international grade electric powershift gear box making it an accessible option for both ease of use and quick operation.

Wheel Loader Operator features

3 ton wheel loader L938F by SDLG is equipped with a state of the art silent cab which in turn promotes safety for the operator also has full 360 degree view eliminating all possible blind spots. The cab also contains comfortable and adjustable seats that promote ergonomic movements that will decrease discomfort allowing for longer work shifts. Loader controls are easy to access, with plenty of room to turn in the cabin, and designed to provide an ideal working position with spacious leg room. The comfortable working environment combined with efficient hydraulics ensures reliable levels of productivity.

Wheel Loader Operation

3 ton wheel loader by SDLG has a 6.0 liter, tier 4f-certified engine with reversible cooling fan, thus allowing for the correct emission standards for the job while also gaining the advantage of high efficiency performance. 3 ton wheel loader by SDLG has torque proportioning axles with air-cooled, dry-disc brakes, allowing for safety of the operator and those in the surrounding area. The 3 ton wheel loader L938F by SDLG a mid-size front end loader that is the perfect size for any small-to-medium contractor, it???s an excellent utility price-point loader. Its smaller footprint makes it a maneuverable loader, rated capacity is ideal for landscaping, residential building site prep, snow removal jobs and utility work like laying pipe, guardrails, or gravel.

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