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  • 300 Ton Oversize Heavy Load Transporter 300 Ton Oversize Heavy Load Transporter
300 Ton Oversize Heavy Load Transporter
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300 Ton Oversize Heavy Load Transporter

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Product number

1 Year


10 axes

Diesel engine brand




Allowable load


Gearbox model

Automatic transmission + Fast 9D

Driving direction (single/double)


Driving speed

Full load 5Km/h, no load 10Km/h

Road condition is good

Dimensions (length × width × height)


Tire quantity/model

40 pieces/1100-20-18

Steel wire pneumatic tire

Braking form

Air brake, spring-type air brake

Climbing ability (cross slope/longitudinal slope)

±3% / ±4%

Steering method

Fully hydraulic steering


The 300 Ton Oversize Heavy Load Transporter, identified by the product number 5, is a robust and powerful vehicle designed for transporting exceptionally heavy loads. Let's delve into the details and features that make this transporter a reliable choice for oversized cargo.

Key Features:

Powerful Diesel Engine:

  • Equipped with a Weichai diesel engine with a robust power output of 247KW.
  • Ensures efficient and reliable performance, making it suitable for heavy-duty transportation.

Flexible Driving Directions:

  • Offers the flexibility of both single and double driving directions.
  • Adaptable to various transportation scenarios, providing ease of maneuverability.

Impressive Load Capacity:

  • Boasts a remarkable allowable load capacity of 300 tons.
  • Ideal for transporting oversized and extremely heavy cargo with ease.

Optimized Transmission System:

  • Features an automatic transmission coupled with a Fast 9D gearbox.
  • Ensures smooth gear transitions and efficient power delivery to the wheels.

Hydraulic Steering System:

  • Incorporates a fully hydraulic steering system for precise and responsive control.
  • Enhances maneuverability, especially in challenging terrains and tight spaces.

Reliable Braking Mechanism:

  • Utilizes an air brake system with a spring-type air brake.
  • Ensures reliable and responsive braking, enhancing overall safety during transportation.

Versatile Tire Configuration:

  • Equipped with 40 pieces of durable tires with the model 1100-20-18.
  • Provides stability and load distribution, contributing to the vehicle's overall reliability.

Sturdy Axle Configuration:

  • Features a robust configuration with 10 axes.
  • Distributes the load evenly and enhances the vehicle's stability during transit.

Efficient Climbing Ability:

  • Demonstrates impressive climbing ability with a cross slope of ±3% and a longitudinal slope of ±4%.
  • Capable of navigating through varied terrains and gradients.

Dimensions and Specifications:

  • The transporter has dimensions measuring 17×3.2×1.75 meters (length × width × height).
  • Suitable for accommodating oversized cargo with varying dimensions.

Moderate Speed Capability:

  • Operates at a speed of 5 km/h when fully loaded and 10 km/h with no load.
  • Balances speed with stability, ensuring the safe transportation of heavy loads.

Adaptable to Road Conditions:

  • Designed for good road conditions, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Suitable for projects and routes with well-maintained road surfaces.

Remote Control Capabilities:

  • May include remote control capabilities for added convenience and safety during operations.
  • Enables operators to control the vehicle from a distance, enhancing operational efficiency.

Environmental Compliance:

  • Adheres to emission standards, with options for EURO3, EURO4, or EURO5 compliance.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to environmental responsibility.


The 300 Ton Oversize Heavy Load Transporter stands as a reliable solution for the transportation of massive and oversized cargo. With its powerful engine, adaptable features, and robust design, it ensures efficiency, safety, and reliability in heavy-duty transport scenarios. Whether navigating challenging terrains or transporting colossal loads, this transporter is designed to meet the demands of oversized cargo logistics.

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