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31 Ton Medium Excavator - XE305D | XCMG

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Engine Engine model - QSB7
Rated power kw/rpm 169/2050
Max. torque N.m/rpm 895/1250
No. of cylinders - 6
Displacement L 6.7
Main performance Walking speed km/h 5.2/3.1
Rotary speed r/min 9.8
Climbing ability ?? 35
Ground pressure kPa 60
Bucket digging force kN 198
Arm digging force kN 138
Max. traction force kN 252
Hydraulic system Main pump rated flow L/min 259*2
Main safety valve pressure MPa 34.3/37
Travel system pressure MPa 34.3
Rotary system pressure MPa 30
Pilot system pressure MPa 3.9
Oil capacity Fuel tank capacity L 520
Hydraulic tank volume L 270
Working dimensions Max. digging height mm 10146
Max. digging depth mm 7200
Max. digging radius mm 10665
Min. turning radius mm 3076
Boom length mm 6200
Arm length mm 3110

31 Ton Medium Excavator XE305D | XCMG

The 31 Ton Medium Excavator XE305D is an XCMG excavator that utilizes an imported powerful and fuel-efficient power engine system from Cummins compliant with China National III emission standards. This engine provides the excavator with stronger power and fuel economy enough for construction altitudes as high as 5000m.

Excavator Efficiency

The new medium excavator uses an imported original Kawasaki hydraulic system to improve the vehicle???s efficiency. Specifically, the hydraulic pipelines were improved to reduce oil return pressure loss. As a result, this excavator sold by XCMG shows improved flexibility, working efficiency, stability, and coordination.

Driver Usability of the Excavator

The new generation of control systems in the new model XE305D excavator by XCMG features:

  • Cushion valve group and shunting device to reduce pressure impact of hydraulic system
  • Silicone oil spring shock absorber
  • Four-point support effectively isolating specific frequency bands to improve ride absorption
  • Silicone oil clutch and variable fan for energy savings and noise reduction
  • New car-class luxury interior and wider vision in the cab

XCMG Excavator Maintenance Convenience

The medium excavator???s design enables for ease of maintenance but focuses on higher quality parts to decrease repair and maintenance periods. In addition, the excavator is designed with the oil and water separator, fuel filter, oil filter, and pilot filter set conveniently for easy inspection and replacement. There is also use of a three-stage filtration and nano filtration technology for more efficient oil use.

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