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  • 38M Zoomlion Truck Mounted Concrete Pump 38M Zoomlion Truck Mounted Concrete Pump
38M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump | Zoomlion
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38M Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

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Pump Unit Max. Theor. output                        m3/h 140/90
Max. Theor. concrete output Pressure      MPa 7/11
Rated working pressure                       MPa 35
Pumping frequency                              min-1 27/17
Hopper    capacity                                    L 550
Filling height                                    mm 1540
Hydraulic system type   opened loop
Distribution valve   S valve
Oil cylinder dia.×stroke                    mm φ130×2100
Concrete cylinder    dia.×stroke             mm φ230×2100
Hydraulic oil cooling   Wind cooling
Recommended concrete slump                     cm 12~23
Max. aggregate dimension                     mm 40
Boom    Section Structure type   38X-5RZ
Placing depth                                m 38
Max. horizontal distance                        m 34
Max. placing depth                           m 24.9
Slewing angle   ±270°
Boom number   5
The length of boom section                       mm 8890/8100/8105/5405/3500
Sections folding angle   90°/180°/180°/250°/90°
Pipe diameter                                 mm 125
End hose length                             mm 3000
Min. height of opening placing boom         mm 9610
Outriggers span     (front×rear×side)  mm 6190×8345×7045
Upper Structure Upper Structure Mass                   kg 15260
Dimensions(L×W×H) mm 9845×2500×3596

Introducing the Zoomlion Truck Mounted Concrete Pump – a compact powerhouse designed to streamline concrete pumping operations with unmatched efficiency and precision. Here's what sets it apart: 

  • Compact Design, Mighty Performance: This concrete pump packs a punch with its pump mounted on a 3-axle truck, offering exceptional performance in a compact package. Ideal for navigating through tight spaces while delivering powerful results. 
  • Efficiency Redefined: Equipped with an efficient pump unit, the Zoomlion Truck Mounted Concrete Pump is built for prolonged use, ensuring continuous productivity on the job site without compromising on performance. 
  • Agile Placing Boom: Featuring a placing boom with arms, this pump provides a wide work range, enabling precise and efficient concrete placement even in challenging environments. 
  • Enhanced Stability: With one side lateral support, the Zoomlion Truck Mounted Concrete Pump excels in narrow sites, offering enhanced stability and maneuverability for seamless operation in constrained spaces. 
  • Intelligent Control System: The controller is meticulously designed for heavy-duty use, equipped with a monitor that intelligently monitors the pump's performance. It provides real-time diagnostics, data management, alarm logging, and service interval notices, ensuring optimal operation at all times. 
  • Quality Components, Versatile Configurations: Crafted with high-quality components, this concrete pump offers various configurations to suit diverse project requirements, guaranteeing reliability and longevity. 
  • Advanced Technology: Featuring damping technology boom and boom stabilization control, the Zoomlion Truck Mounted Concrete Pump ensures smooth and precise concrete placement, minimizing vibrations and enhancing stability. Its multilingual man-machine interface system and PWM+CAN dual communication mode remote control further enhance operational efficiency and convenience. 

The Zoomlion Truck Mounted Concrete Pump redefines efficiency and precision in concrete pumping operations, empowering construction professionals to achieve exceptional results with every pour. Experience the difference today.

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