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4 Ton Mini Excavator - XE40 | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Operation weight 4050 kg
Bucket capacity 0.14 m??
Output power 27.6/2200 kw/rpm
Bucket digging force 23.2 kN
Max. digging height 5317 mm
Max. digging depth 3600 mm
Max. digging reach 5810 mm

4 Ton Mini Excavator XE40 | XCMG

The 4 Ton Mini Excavator XE40 is an XCMG excavator that utilizes a powerful and fuel-efficient power engine system that provides features such as an environmentally friendly and energy-saving engine, low noise, reliability, low emissions, and low-temperature starting performance. Due to the engine???s optimum design, the excavator can operate under strenuous environments with variable climates.

Excavator Hydraulic System

The new mini excavator uses various features that improve airflow, maneuverability, and filtration such as the following:

  • Plate-tin radiator for higher cooling, noise reduction, and low flow resistance to preserve engine health and encourage longer vehicle working durations
  • Oil and water filter separator to ensure reliable operations in harsh operating conditions and maintain the quality of the engine oil
  • - Ergonomically organized controls and switches for improved driver usability delivering peak performance and efficiency

Driver Usability of the Excavator

The new generation of control systems in the new model XE40 excavator by XCMG features:

  • Humanized designed cab that provides broader visibility, a spacious interior, and overturning compliant fully enclosed TOPS to ensure operator safety
  • Safety lock functions where the control handle can be locked before the left safety rod opens
  • Suspension airbag and high backrest seat
  • High-powered air conditioning
  • Multifunction large screen monitor that displays speed, water temperature, and engine oil level

Efficiency of the XE40 Excavator

The XE40 mini excavator for sale by XCMG is built with durability and maneuverability in mind bearing a reinforced boom, bucket rod, and bucket that can comfortably and reliably dig in even the harshest conditions. This excavator???s traveling system also uses a four-wheel, one-belt, and tensioner that can traverse rough terrain paired with a smaller turning radius allowing the vehicle to move through narrow spaces.

XCMG Excavator Maintenance Convenience

The mini excavator???s design enables for ease of maintenance such as with the fully opening hood which allows the driver to do external maintenance both saving time and improving efficiency. In addition, the excavator is designed to have the fuel and hydraulic fluid gauges and the coolant and window-washing fluid tanks arranged at a lower location outside the vehicle.

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