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4-ton Wheel Loader - LW440 | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Rated operating load 4000 kg
Bucket capacity 2.4 m??
Machine weight 14500??200 kg
Max.breakout force 120 kN
Max.traction force 123 kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise 5.5 s
Total hydraulic cycle time 10.5 s
Min. turning radius over tyres 5940 mm
Rated Power/Speed 125/2200 kW/rpm
Travel speed ???-gear(F) 0-11 km/h
???-gear(F) 0-35 km/h
???-gear(R) 0-15 km/h
Structure and specification are subject to change without notice.In case there is any difference between the description of the machine and the substantial machine,the substantial machine should govern.

4 Ton Wheel Loader LW440KN | XCMG

The 4 Ton Wheel Loader LW440KN is a XCMG wheel loader and a high-duty and high-end vehicle that meets industry benchmarks for wheel loaders. This model uses a unique heavy-duty drive and parts that increase the already high carrying capacity. Other characteristics for example are the following:

  • Optimized working device increasing efficiency limit of small-sized loaders
  • Large-view glasses
  • Human-oriented design focusing on safety enables the driver has reduced fatigue and works in a safe environment
  • FOPS/ROPS cab

Firmness and Reliability of the Wheel Loader

The new XCMG LW440KN model wheel loader boasts an inhouse patented heavy-duty drive system assembly which are applied to critical carrying locations. This system lubricates better and follow DIN and SAE standard specifications to better adapt to varying working conditions. Overall, the drive axle is solid enough for high loads and diversified strength.

Wheel Loader High Energy-Conservation and Efficiency

The LW440KN wheel loader sold by XCMG is the leader of energy conservation in the industry with features that include:

  • Scientific matching and system optimization which is more than 10% better than industry products
  • Superior torque converters and box axle system for fuel utilization efficiency
  • Use of a low-speed energy conservation engine for maximum fuel savings

Wheel Loader Safety and Comfort

XCMG???s LW440KN model wheel loader is sold with a full-view cab realizing the importance for high operation safety and comfort. The combination of the wheel loader???s technology and instruments make operations and maintenances more convenient. All switches, instruments, and warning indicators are well integrated into the cab.

Wheel Loader Maintenance Convenience

This XCMG wheel loader uses a forward-tilting rear hood design to expose the engine and water tank for easier servicing and maintenance. Other maintenance features include the following:

  • Points for checking oil level, air filters, and electronic parts all easily accessible in one location
  • Concentrated system pressure checking ports to save labor and time
  • Central fuse case centrally located indicating electric system working status
  • Less air exchange and higher cleanliness in hydraulic system
  1. 10/10 review by Justin J. on 7/2/2021

    This wheel loader has been very effective for large projects.

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