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4 X 4 Isuzu Chassis Fire Truck | OEM
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4 X 4 Isuzu Chassis Fire Truck

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Chassis model: ISUZU 

QL10332; 4X4 chassis two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive switch in real time, strong passability; single-row two-door cab; wheelbase 3025mm, Qingling Isuzu 95KW diesel engine.

Fire function: 

500L stainless steel water tank, with fire hydrant injection port and liquid level indicator, high-pressure water mist pump set, dual-purpose flashlight start, independent power supply control, piston-type high-pressure plunger pump, 30-meter high-pressure reel, with multi-function spray gun, The range is greater than 15 meters, the roof is equipped with long rows of warning lights and 100W megaphones, 5 meters of aluminum alloy ladders, and stainless steel guardrails.

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