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4 X 4 SAIC Chassis Fire Truck | OEM
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4 X 4 SAIC Chassis Fire Truck

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Water mist fire truck



Total Weight(Kg)



Curb Weight(Kg)



Cab Passengers



Passenger Cabin




Axle Number



Wheel base (mm)



Approach / departure angle



Front/rear suspension



Number of Tires



Tire specifications


245/70 R16

Front Wheelbase



Back Wheelbase



Axle Load(Kg)




Max Speed



Chassis Model


Brand Name





Automobile Co., Ltd.


Drive Form



Number of Leaf Springs



Engine Specific Power




Fuel Type



Dimensions(m m)




Engine Model



Displacement( ml)



Engine Manufacturer

Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.


Power (Kw)



Emission according to the standard

GB3847-2005,GB18352.6-2016 NationalⅥ






High pressure water mist fire truck 

Vehicle Features:

Flexible Deployment/Quick Deployment: Small, easy to deploy. The car can be parked in ordinary parking spaces and underground garages. It is light and flexible. Once a dangerous situation occurs, it can move through the streets and alleys, quickly dispatched, and arrive at the dangerous location in time to eliminate the fire in the bud or control it within a certain range. Advanced system and strong applicability: The "high-pressure spray jet fire extinguishing system" equipped on the vehicle is an industry-leading patented technology. It uses high-efficiency mixed fire extinguishing agents and automatic proportioning equipment, high pressure, low flow, high efficiency, and low loss. It can effectively deal with general fires, electrical fires, oily fires and ethanol chemical fires. The equipped water pump can take water from the nearest place anytime and anywhere. The vehicles include gasoline, diesel, double row(4 passengers) can be selected by users, with strong applicability, four-wheel drive, and strong mobility.

Brand Technology Reliable Guarantee: The vehicle adopts SAIC MAXUS pickup truck, the manufacturing technology is mature and reliable, and the latest National VI emission standard; the tank body is a stainless-steel tank with a volume of 250L; the design of the vehicle is scientific, reasonable, exquisite and beautiful;

Affordable, cheap and efficient: Compared with traditional large-scale fire engines, this vehicle has low cost, high efficiency, and easy operation. It only needs 2 people to form a combat team. It is suitable for both professional firefighting forces and civil voluntary firefighting organizations. It saves a lot of costs for the government and enterprises. It is economical and practical.

The high-pressure water mist fire truck is equipped with QXWL10/30BQ high- pressure water mist system, which can directly extinguish complex fires such as oil fires and electric fires! The product can be flexibly and widely used in fire brigades, cultural relics bureaus, tobacco bureaus, tobacco factories, railway bureaus, archives, exhibition centers, conference centers, logistics centers, libraries, gas stations, airports, docks and other important fire prevention units!

The equipment has a long service life and a long-term guarantee for one investment! It is a protective artifact for firefighting posts! 


Performance characteristics of multifunctional water mist mobile fire extinguishing device

Multifunctional water mist mobile fire extinguishing device

The multifunctional water mist fire extinguishing device is a fine water mist system. The main combat device in the series of products. Engine power, can work for a long time, easy to carry on various vehicles,maneuver quickly.

Compatible with traditional fire water tanker, it can increase its combat effectiveness several times, and more efficient.

Based on the excellent water mist fire extinguishing performance, it also has the functions of foam injection and decontamination, making it a small water mist A/B foam vehicle and a small decontamination vehicle. The device is suitable for professional fire brigade, large petrochemical and important enterprises, military, and other industries. It can play an important role in residential fires, Class B fires, and high-demand fire-fighting occasions (such as airports, military warehouses, cultural relics, etc.)


1.1 : Power

1.1.1   Gasoline engine model: Honda GX390

1.1.2   Manufacturer: Jialing-Honda Engine Co., Ltd.

1.1.3   Model: GX390

1.1.4   Gasoline engine type: single cylinder, four-stroke, forced air cooling.

1.1.5   Cylinder diameter (mm): 88mm

1.1.6   Piston stroke (mm): 64mm

1.1.7   Displacement (mL): 389

1.1.8   Direction of rotation: counterclockwise (facing the output shaft)

1.1.9   Net weight (kg): 18kg

1.1.10   Carburetor type: horizontal butterfly valve type

1.1.11   Ignition method: transistor magnet ignition (non-contact)

1.1.12   Spark plug number: NGK: BPR6ES

1.1.13   Start mode: manual recoil start/electric start

1.1.14   Governor type: Centrifugal hammer type

1.1.15   Length x Width x Height: 304 x 362 x 335 

1.2    Water Pump:

Italian AR plunger pump Flow rate: 30L/min at 100bar. Model: XWP36.15N 

1.3    Reel: 

Coiled Tube

Reel: 30m coiled tube 

1.4    Spray gun 

Spray Gun

Spray gun: DC water mist, fine water mist rotary conversion

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