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  • 45 Ton Container Reach Stacker 45 Ton Container Reach Stacker
  • 45 Ton Container Reach Stacker Handling Big Cargo 45 Ton Container Reach Stacker Handling Big Cargo
45 Ton Container Reach Stacker
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45 Ton Container Reach Stacker

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Model HNRS45
Power unit Diesel
Operation type Driver seated
Load capacity (L1, L2, L3) Q (kg) 45000/31000/16000
Load centre, first row (L1) c (mm) 1800
Load centre, second row (L2) C (mm) 3860
Load centre, third row (L3) C (mm) 6400
Axle centre to spreader center (L1-1/2 high) x (mm) 2800/2600
Wheelbase y (mm) 6400
Boom lift angle, raise/lowered α/β(/°) 61/0
Height boom lowered h1 (mm) 4945
Lift height (L1, L2, L3) h3 (mm) 15900/14100/11350
Height, boom extended h4 (mm) 19000
Height of cabin h6 (mm) 3900
Height, operator's seat h7 (mm) 2840
Towing coupling height h10 (mm) 600
Twist lock height lowered h13 (mm) 1495
Overall length with spreader l1 (mm) 11618
Overall length l2 (mm) 8410
Overall width b1/b2 (mm) 4180/3400
Width of spreader 20'/40' b3 (mm) 6050/12150
Ground clearance min. m1 (mm) 345
Ground clearance, centre of wheelbase m2 (mm) 300
Stacking aisle 20' containers Ast (mm) 10225
Stacking aisle 40' containers Turning radius Ast (mm) 13050
Min. pivoting point distance Wa (mm) 8605
Min. pivoting point distance b13 (mm) 3400
Wheelspan, front wheels b10 (mm) 3030
Wheelspan, rear wheel b11 (mm) 2786
Weight (unladen/laden) kg 71400/116400
Load on drive axle (unladen/laden) kg 36400/101900
Load on steering axle (unladen/laden) kg 35000/14500
Travelling speed (unladen/laden) Km/h 25/21
Gradeability (unladen/laden) % 30/28.8
Tractive force (unladen/laden) Kn 325
Lifting speed (unladen/laden) m/s 0.39/0.28
Lowering speed (unladen/laden) m/s 0.39/0.39
Movable closed cabin
Equipped with A/C, cooling/heating functions
Noise level at driver's seat dBA 74
Brand   Cummins
Type   QSM11
Cylinder no./displacement   6/10820 cm3
Rated power @ rated speed   250kw @ 2100rpm
Max. torque   1674Nm@ 1500rpm
Rated current of alternator   150A
Battery   24V
Brand   ZF/5WG261 AUTO
Type   Auto-shift/interlock
Clutch type   Torque converter
Gear no.   5F/3R
Drive wheels   18.00-25 40PR
Steering wheels   18.00-25 40PR
Type   Pneumatic
Pressure   10 bar
Quantity, front/rear   4/2
Hydraulic oil tank L 800
Fuel tank L 500
Brand   Kessler/Germany
Model   D102PL341
Brand   Kessler/Germany
Model   L102
Steering   Double action cylinder
Service brake   Hydraulic wet-disc
Parking brake   Electric released disc brake, enabled when power off
Twin piston pump
Max. pressure: 310 bar
Load sensing system
Hydraulic cooler with electric motor
Separate brake oil tank
2x Dual action lift cylinders
1x Dual action extension cylinder
Handling ISO 20'-40' containers
2x damping cylinder 2x gearbox & brake system
Brand SP45
Rotate degrees -105°/+195°
Sideshift -800/+800mm
Error display system
Counter system for containers
Weighing system (low precision)
Electric anti-overload system
Full can-bus control system
Direction gearshift interlock
Parking brake enabled when power off
Seat switch
Locking/unlocking only after correct landing
Lifting/lowering only when the 4 twistlocks on same position
Anticollision rotation limit switch

Introduction: 45 TON Container Reach Stacker

The 45 TON Container Reach Stacker stands as a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology, offering exceptional quality and performance in handling heavy loads efficiently. This truck is designed with a focus on safety, efficiency, precision, and stability, delivering a seamless integrated operating system that ensures high productivity.

Advanced Technology for Superior Performance

  • Safety & Efficiency: Engineered with multiple advantages, this truck excels in safety, efficiency, precision, and stability, catering to industrial demands.
  • Integrated Operating System: The truck's integrated operating system is a cornerstone, boosting productivity while ensuring a highly responsive and efficient workflow.

Hydraulic System by Linde: Precision and Reliability

  • Linde Hydraulic Expertise: Renowned for high-quality, precise, and reliable hydraulic solutions, the truck employs components from Linde, a globally acclaimed hydraulic company.
  • Tailored for Reach Stackers: The truck's Linde pump and control valve are specially developed for reach stackers, providing load sense control circuits that conserve energy, deliver precise control, minimize resistance, and offer extended operational life.
  • Intelligent Hydraulic Oil Cooler: The implementation of an intelligent hydraulic oil cooler maintains stable oil temperatures, preventing drastic fluctuations that could affect oil quality. This feature significantly prolongs oil life, reducing maintenance costs.

Full Can-bus Control System: Integrated Efficiency

  • Comprehensive Integration: HNRS45 integrates engine, transmission, electric system, hydraulic system, loading safety system, and spreader system within its Can-bus control system.
  • Real-time Monitoring: This advanced system enables real-time monitoring of all devices, ensuring operational integrity and timely diagnostics.
  • Parker Control Units: Incorporating Parker control units ensures the reliability and flexibility of the entire Can-bus system, ensuring seamless operation.

This 45 TON Container Reach Stacker embodies the latest in technological advancements, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and efficiency in handling heavy-duty containers. Its robust design, coupled with Linde's hydraulic excellence and an integrated Can-bus system, sets new standards in precision, reliability, and overall operational excellence.

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