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47 Ton Large Size Excavator - XE470C | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Operation weight 46100 Kg
Bucket capacity 2.1???2.5 m??
Output power 250/2000 kw/rpm
Bucket digging force 284 kN
Max. digging height 10675 mm
Max. digging depth 7337 mm
Max. digging reach 11631 mm

47 Ton Large Excavator XE470C | XCMG

The 47 Ton Large Excavator XE470C is an XCMG excavator that offers a powerful and efficient imported original Cummins engine that meets the following high efficiency operational requirements:

  • Exact matching design paired with advanced energy-saving controls makes for less engine fuel consumption
  • Europe II low emissions standard excavator
  • New cooling fan and large-scale silencer to reduce noise
  • Advanced turbocharger technology enhancing the excavator???s ability to adapt to highland
  • Automatic preheating system for low temperature large excavator work
  • Restart preventing system to prevent mistakes during operation and improve machine safety

Excavator Advanced Hydraulic System

The new large excavator contains many high-end features that ensures the quality and reliability of the excavator???s hydraulic system. These features include the following:

  • High-end configurations: parts that use international renowned brands to ensure the excavator???s quality
  • Reduced energy consumption, faster response times and higher efficiency from the latest research
  • Locked function of the boom and arm allows the excavator to last longer in medium position
  • Arm back oil regeneration
  • Strong and precise rotary control that has improved vibration absorption and rotational ability
  • Cylinder has a buffering function to reduce vibration, shock, and noise
  • Double-pump and convergence technology
  • Hydraulic damping device set on the walking pilot valve allowing for smoother vehicle stops

Strengthened Excavator Work Installation

XCMG???s XE470C model large excavator uses an enhanced boom with large cross-sections and a high-rigidity box-shaped structure paired with optimizing precision which allow for more efficient use, structural support for heavy parts, and weight stress.

The arm of the excavator sold by XCMG is an important part of the excavator used at the important hinging parts by changing the shape and thickness of the plate which adapts to stress levels improving durability.

The excavator???s bushings are high strength wear-resistance with stronger bushing for longer use.

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