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49m Truck-mounted Concrete Pump - SYG5360THB 49 | SANY

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Length 12500mm
Width 2500mm
Height 4000mm
Empty weight 36450mm
Boom & Outrigger
Vertical reach 48.6 m
Horizontal reach 43.6 m
Reach depth 30.8 m
Unfolding reach 13.9 m
1st section-Length 9760 mm
1st section-Articulation 89??
2nd section-Length 7670 mm
2nd section-Articulation 180??
3rd section-Length 7410 mm
3rd section-Articulation 180??
4th section-Length 9670 mm
4th section-Articulation 240??
5th section-Length 10060 mm
5th section-Articulation 215??
Rotation ??360??
Outrigger spread L-R-Front 9300 mm
Outrigger spread L-R-Rear 9620 mm
Pumping System
Output (Low/High-pressure) 170/120 m??/h
Pressure (Low/High-pressure) 8.3/12 Mpa
Max. strokes per minute (Low/High-pressure) 29/19 times/min
Delivery cylinder diameter 260 mm
Stroke length 1900 mm
Hydraulic system Open
Hydraulic system pressure 32 Mpa
Hydraulic tank capacity 680 L
Water tank capacity 620 L
Pipe size 125 mm
End hose length 3 m
End hose diameter 125 mm
Chassis model BENZ Actros 4141
Engine model OM501LA.???/17
Engine power 300/1800 kW/rpm
Emissions Euro ???
Fuel tank capacity 400 L
Displacement 11.946 L
Max.speed 80 km/h
Brake distance ???10/30 m/km/h

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49m Truck Concrete Pump SYG5360THB 49 | SANY

49-meter truck mounted concrete pump utilizes a Mercedes Benz engine mounted on an IZUZU chassis offering the perfect combination of power and fuel efficiency. Equipped with one button stabilization technology that allows for almost instant stabilization no matter how much the boom moves, thus allowing for quick and precise movements when the concrete hose is active.

Boom and Movements

The 49-meter truck mounted concrete pump contains revolutionary anti vibration boom design that effectively mitigates boom jitters by up to 50% during the pouring process. The concrete pump also adapts new anti-breaking swing technology that allows for a near 60% amplitude decrease in swing making for unprecedented precise breaking. Pumping efficiency is also up 25% while causes an 10% increase in overall fuel consumption.


High resisting parts and movements are applied to the 49-meter truck mounted concrete pump, causing slow wear and tear to the machine and the truck while promoting long life as well as a smaller need for the maintenance. Fully monitor the equipment via fault self-diagnosis technology, monitor up to 200 faults in near perfect real time. In turn shortening the real time troubleshooting by up to 70% saving you both time and overall trouble.

Smart Boom technology

User orientated sophisticated and top of the line technology is used in the 49-meter truck mounted concrete pump. This design and technology are more human centric and applies to the most convenient of needs. Single button boom extension and retraction is utilized in this truck mounted concrete pump. Easily and conveniently limit the overall boom height with a single button to ensure productive and safe indoor operation to prevent damage to surrounding area. Easily locate boom position and height remotely, for first and second position limiting potential damage to surrounding building and areas.


49-meter truck mounted concrete pump is top of the class in overall construction methods without sacrificing any aspect of safety. Hydraulic oil automatic inspection is of the new safety aspects allowing for real time inspection of oil levels if insufficient oil levels are close to low or are to be found and alarm will sound notifying the operators. Boom overload protection is also and added safety benefit, this feature utilizes known pressure limits and, in the event, that there is an overload excess oil pressure is released to prevent damage to the boom.

  1. 49m Concrate Pump review by Gianna Adams on 4/4/2022

    I have to admit, this pumping truck from CAMAL does a very good job.

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