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4x2 Explosive Material Transport | OEM

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Techinical parameters
Chassis brand and type Jianghuai HFC1091K5CZV
Cab type Standard cab, crop and turnover driver's cab
Power (KW) 96
Wheelbase (mm) 3365
Cargo box Dimension (mm) 4200x2100x550
Braking System Air Brakes
Engine Weichai WP3Q130E50
Tyre 215/75R17.5
Other Features ABS, AC, front disc and rear drum, front exhaust pipe, with speed limiting,tachograph ,Explosion-proof chassis ,2pcs of 3KG fire extinguisher ,1pc of hazard warning light ,2pcs of static electricity-conducting rubber straps, 1pc of Exhaust spark fire extinguisher ,4 straps , Smoke alarm , Rubber floor, optionally available for side door and tail plate

4x2 Explosive Material Transport | OEM

This JAC truck is an incredibly versatile and dependable unit when it comes to transporting hazardous materials held in individual containers such as liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, crude oil, methane, acetylene, butane, propane, propylene, butene, dimethyl ether, hydrogen sulphide, compressed oxygen, carbon dioxide, and non-flammable compressed gasses such as air, nitrogen, helium, argon, and neon.


To match it with the risk that comes with hauling hazardous materials, this hazardous truck has a body made of cold-rolled steel plate that is typically harder and much stronger than standard hot-rolled steel plate.

This cargo box maxes out at 4200mm by 2100mm by 550mm which is enormous enough for most medium to large hazardous materials transportation needs.

Engineered to Prevent Explosions

These hazardous goods carriers have among the leading technologies in terms of preventing the transit cargo from exploding. The van body, for instance, has electrostatic shielding properties that prevent sparks. On the interior, this hazardous truck is lined with flame retardant foam covered in plywood.

The floor has also been thoughtfully constructed with transporting hazardous materials in mind and features an explosion-proof steel plate with anti-static rubber matting. There is also an option to have an anti-static rubber fixated on the side door and tail plate.

Even better, this hazardous truck is made complete by 2 pieces of fire extinguishers and an internal smoke detection and alarm system.

Engine and Drivetrain

This hazardous truck uses a Weichai WP3Q130E50 engine that is capable of generating 96KW of power and a Jianhuai HFC1091K5CZV chassis offering a wheelbase of 3365mm. The tyres are 215/75R17.5 and the front are fitted with disc brakes while the rear ones utilize drum style braking system.

Other features

  • ABS
  • AC
  • Front exhaust pipe
  • Explosion-proof chassis
  • 2pc 3kg fire extinguisher
  • 1pc Hazard warning light
  • 2pcs Static electricity conducting rubber straps
  • 1pc exhaust spark fire extinguisher
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