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  • Shantui 5 ton excavator - mini excavator Shantui 5 ton excavator - mini excavator
5 Ton Excavator | Shantui
Quick Overview

Quick Overview:

  • Operating weight(kg): 5960

  • Engine power(kW/rpm): 36.8/2200

  • Bucket capacity (m³): 0.22

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Operating weight(kg) 5960
Engine power(kW/rpm) 36.8/2200
Bucket capacity(m³) 0.22
External dimensions(mm) 5855*1880*2675
Bucket rod digging force(kN) 29
Bucket digging force(kN) 48
Rotating speed(r/min) 11
Travel speed(km/h) 2.3/4.0
Maximum digging height(mm) 5785
Maximum digging distance(mm) 6200
Maximum digging depth(mm) 3850
Emissions (Indicated as per international standards) Eu stage IIIA

            Efficient Engine:

       The excavator is powered by a Weichai engine, renowned for its reliability and efficiency.

       Engine output of 36.8 kilowatts ensures ample power for various construction tasks.

       Operating at 2200 rpm, it offers consistent and dependable performance.

            Optimized Design for Efficiency:

       Equipped with a large-flow main pump, the excavator ensures swift operations and high efficiency.

       Low-pressure-loss main valve enhances overall performance and energy savings.

       Intelligent electronic control system allows for precise monitoring and control of the machine's status.

            Convenient Maintenance and Operation:

       Single-side maintenance design simplifies routine upkeep, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

       Integrated fuel pre-filter and externally located oil filters streamline maintenance tasks for improved efficiency.

       Externally positioned compressors enable easy daily inspections, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

            Adaptability to Various Conditions:

       Large-torque swing and travel motors ensure efficient operation on slopes and in challenging terrain.

       The bucket's extended width, optimized shape, and teeth configuration enhance performance in diverse working conditions.

       Multiple preset working modes allow for seamless adaptation to different environments and tasks, enhancing productivity and versatility.

            Safety Features:

       Equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons and overload protection, prioritizing the well-being of operators and surrounding personnel.

       Enhanced visibility from the operator's cabin ensures greater safety and control during operations.

            Durable Construction:

       Built to withstand rigorous construction environments, the excavator boasts a sturdy construction and high-quality materials.

       Designed for longevity and reliability, ensuring consistent performance over extended periods of use.

            Versatile Applications:

       Suitable for a wide range of construction tasks including digging, lifting, loading, and material handling.

       Ideal for use in construction sites, roadworks, landscaping projects, and various other applications requiring excavation and earthmoving capabilities.

Our 5-Ton Excavator combines power and efficiency to meet the demands of modern construction projects. With its powerful design and advanced features, it is the perfect solution for enhancing productivity and achieving best results in construction operations.


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