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5-ton Wheel Loader - LW500FN | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Rated operating load 5000 kg
Bucket capacity 2.5~4.5 m??
Machine weight 16900 kg
Dump clearance at maximum lift 3150~3560 mm
Reach at maximum lift 1100~1190 mm
Wheel base 2960 mm
Tread 2250 mm
Height of hinge at maximum lift height 4112 mm
Working height(fully lifted) 5510 mm
Max.breakout force 170 kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise 6 s
Total hydraulic cycle time 10.5 s
Min. turning radius over tyres 5950 mm
Articulation angle 35 ??
Gradeability 28 ??
Tyre size 23.5-25-16PR  
Overall machine dimension L??W??H 7910??3016??3515 mm
Model WP10G220E21  
Rated Power 162 kW/rpm
Fuel Tank 250 L
Hydraulic Tank 210 L
Travel speed ???-gear(F/R) 13/18 km/h
???-gear(F/R) 40 km/h
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5 Ton Wheel Loader LW500FN | XCMG

The 5 Ton Wheel Loader LW500FN is a XCMG wheel loader and a high-duty and high-end vehicle that meets industry benchmarks for wheel loaders. The LW500FN is the latest cross-generation product developed by XCMG based on globalized technological resources. New developments focused on customer needs improve efficiency in engineering construction, aggregate yards, and coal logistics. This model uses a unique heavy-duty drive and parts that increase the already high carrying capacity. Other characteristics for example are the following:

  • High torque and efficient drive chain
  • Front frame uses a box structure for higher box carrying capacity
  • Hinged joints improve capacity and stability
  • The short wheelbase and turn radius increase mobility and wheel loader flexibility
  • Ergonomic cab for higher operational comfort

Firmness and Reliability of the Wheel Loader

The new XCMG LW500FN model wheel loader boasts a China-II emissions compliant engine that utilizes low speed and low fuel consumption technology. This paired with the wheel loader???s strong power and torque generates the most efficient use of power for a wheel loader.

Wheel Loader High Energy-Conservation and Efficiency

The LW500FN wheel loader sold by XCMG is the leader of energy conservation in the industry with features that include:

  • Patented heavy-duty energy-conservation transmission and torque converter
  • Driver shaft following DIN and SAE specifications
  • Enhanced design allowing for more effective carrying capacity for the transmission

Wheel Loader Safety and Comfort

XCMG???s LW500FN model wheel loader is sold with a full-view cab realizing the importance for high operation safety and comfort. The combination of the wheel loader???s technology and instruments make operations and maintenances more convenient. All switches, instruments, and warning indicators are well integrated into the cab. The spacious wheel loader cabin also integrates the all-new digitalized VDO instrument features. Steering is also smoother and easier to use and adjust.

  1. Very happy with it review by Kate Smith on 6/29/2021

    Camamach works very professionally to meet our needs in choosing a suitable machine for our projects

  2. Thanks for the products review by Marcus on 6/24/2021

    We required a loader and this one was great. Thanks.

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