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6-ton Wheel Excavator - SY65W | SANY

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Model kubota V2607-DI
Rated power 43.0/2000kW/rpm
Emission standard Tier 3
Operation Range
Operating weight 5920 kg
Undercarriage/Working Device
Std. track shoe width 12-16.5-12PR (Tire)
Bucket capacity 0.21m??
Boom length 3m
Arm length 1.55m

6 Ton Wheel Excavator SY65W | SANY

The 6 Ton Wheel Excavator SY65W is a SANY excavator that utilizes a tier 3 Kubota engine offering strong power capable of meeting high-efficient work demands. This engine also conforms to international environmental admissions and noise standards due to its low oil consumption, low noise and low emission. This engine can precisely control the fuel jet adjustable based on the working mode. This enables better adaptive and efficient fuel consumption.

Wheel Excavator Hydraulic System

The new wheel excavator uses an international advanced and reliable negative flow control system through the double pump confluence which increases the flow distribution from the multi-valve to each action cylinder. Improvements to the hydraulic system have enabled powerful digging capacity and improved work efficiency at the maximum limit for the excavator.

Wheel Excavator Performance, Reliability, and Efficiency

The new wheel excavator uses new technology that improves on working speed, engine power, workload capacity of the bucket, and digging force of the bucket. Other improvements are listed below:

  • Energy savings from a customized fuel-saving work area
  • DOMCS dynamic optimized intelligent control system for faster movement and prolonged service life
  • New damping system and cab with extra-large view
  • Engine rotation speed decreases automatically based on power output and environmental use
  • Lower noise through a new low-noise fan

High Quality Wheel Excavator Comfort

The SY65W wheel excavator for sale by SANY offers a luxurious and comfortable cab system with ergonomic wheel excavator equipment design, using hydraulic shock absorbers, multi-level control functions, a unique waist support function for long durations to ultimately help the operator reduce fatigue and improve comfort. This new wheel excavator also includes a powerful cooling and heating air-conditioning system featuring multiple air ducts, a stereo air supply system and advanced acoustic system for versatile operations. Other features include:

  • 7-inch colorful LCD display
  • Integrated button control panel
  • Power management module
  • USB interface
  • Ergonomic new pedal layout for more convenient operations

SY65W Wheel Excavator Ease of Maintenance and Service

Fuel oil filter, engine oil filter, pilot filer and the water tank of the wheel digger can be accessed and maintained on the ground without additional equipment to reach the filters which can lower costs and save time. The dustproof and waterproof sealing strip also keeps out unwanted water, dust and sediment increasing the wheel excavator???s service life.

  1. fantastic mini excavator review by Lilianna T. on 7/8/2021

    Nice machine and easy to use.

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