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8 Ton lift capacity Truck-Mounted Crane- SQ8SK3Q | XCMG

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Model SQ8SK3Q Unit
Max Lifting Capacity 8000 kg
Max Lifting Moment 20 T.M
Recommend Power 28 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 55 L/min
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System 27 MPa
Oil Tank Capacity 160 L
Rotation Angle All Rotation
Crane Weight 3300 kg
Installation Space 1200 mm
Choice of Chassis CA1176PK2L9T3A95 ; CA1170PK2L7T3EA80; CA1240PK2L7T4EA81; HFC1202KR1K3; EQ5161GFJ7; BJ1317VNPJJ-S5; EQ5201GFJ6; CA1200PK2L7T3EA80; LZ1160LCMT; DFL1250A9; BJ5317ZNPJJ-S; CA1253P7K2L11T1E ; EQ1252GFJ;
SQ8SK3Q Lifting capability diagram
Working radius (m) 2.5 4.5 7 9 11.5
Lifting capacity (kg) 8000 4400 2500 1750 1100

8 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG

Truck-mounted cranes have always come in handy to ease the loading and unloading of cargo and other heavy machines. One of the reliable models is the 8 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG that boasts of exciting features. Apart from being used for repair and construction work, this mounted crane truck is also suitable for loading/unloading bulk cargo.

Here is a cursory examination of its superb features:

Big capabilities

The 8 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG can load capacities of up to 8000kgs. Even with these high loading capacities, the boom of the machine can extend to 22 meters. The elevation capability of the hook is another feature that cannot be ignored. It extends to 18 meters. Moreover, with the reinforcement of supplementary supports, this Truck mounted crane for sale has better stability when lifting heavy cargo.

Top-Notch performance

With the high competition in the market, a good truck mounted crane needs to have an excellent performance. The 8 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG gives sheer performance with a power of 28KW. The road adaptability of the machine is also enhanced by the machine???s small weight of only 3300kgs.

Lifting capacity

When searching for the perfect Crane mounted trucks for sale, the lifting capacity is a vital factor. The 8 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG can lift 8000kgs of cargo within a working radius of only. 2.5 meters. The less the weight of the cargo, the longer the working radius the crane will take to perform. For instance, this mounted crane truck requires a working radius of 4.5 meters and 7 meters to lift 4400kgs and 2500kgs of cargo, respectively.

The above features determine the truck mounted crane price you will pay. A majority of small truck mounted cranes have these features and the 8 Ton Truck Mounted Crane | XCMG is no exception. Lest you forget, the crane needs a small installation space of only 1200mm.

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