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8 Ton Mini Excavator - XE80C | XCMG
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8 Ton Mini Excavator XE80C

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Item Specification Unit
Operation weight 7460 Kg
Bucket capacity 0.3 m??
Output power 53.8/2150 kw/rpm
Bucket digging force 51.2 kN
Max. digging height 7135 mm
Max. digging depth 4160 mm
Max. digging reach 6295 mm

8 Ton Mini Excavator XE80C | XCMG

The 8 Ton Mini Excavator XE80C is an XCMG excavator that utilizes a powerful and fuel-efficient power engine system from Yanmar that provides features such as small displacement, low fuel consumption, and low-speed and large-torque that complements the needs of the excavator. Due to the engine???s optimum design and electronic speed regulation, the excavator can operate more stably reducing the ???black smoke??? from the engine.

Excavator Efficiency Statistics

The new mini excavator uses various features that bring about more efficient returns including the following:

  • 10% enhancement in bucket capacity than C-Series products increasing productivity
  • Larger fuel tank and ultra-low fuel consumption extending operation time
  • 11% lower hydraulic tank capacity due to re-optimization

Reliability and Durability of the XE80C Excavator

The upgrades to the vehicle???s material strength in the new model XE80C excavator by XCMG features:

  • Newly optimized working device that uses a locally strengthened boom and arm welded with a cover plate for longer service
  • Main rotational platform beam and side beam adopting the I-beam and D-shaped structure respectively
  • X-shaped frame that is lower to the ground reducing strength and increasing stability

Intelligent Control of the XE80C Excavator

The XE80C mini excavator for sale by XCMG is built with automatic idling, E/P mode controls and engine fault diagnosis. Specifically, the engine automatically reduces speed based on the position of the joystick which then reduces noise and exhaust emissions. The operators are also now able to select between economy and efficiency modes to operate in the most suitable conditions.

XCMG Excavator Comfort and Maintenance

The mini excavator???s improved ergonomics include a new cabin design with rear columns adopting a hidden design with less blind areas to improve visibility. The vehicle also comes equipped with a new working lamp, AC, and other air related amenities. This excavator design also enables for ease of maintenance such as with the fully opening hood which allows the driver to do external maintenance both saving time and improving efficiency. In addition, the excavator is designed to have the fuel and hydraulic fluid gauges and the coolant and window-washing fluid tanks arranged at a lower location outside the vehicle.

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    Thanks to Camamach for this Mini Excavator!

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