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8-ton Wheel Loader - LW800KN | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Rated bucket capacity 4.5 m??
Rated load 8000 kg
Operating weight 28500 kg
Min. clearance 480 mm
Max. traction 245 kN
Max.drawing force 260 kN
Boom lifting time 6.9 s
Total time of three devices 11.8 s
Model QSM11-C335  
Engine Type Electrical injection, turbo charging, air-air intercooling  
Rated Power 250 kW/rpm
Rated rotary speed 2100 rpm
Travel speed ???-gear(F/R) 7/7 km/h
???-gear(F/R) 11.5/11.5 km/h
III -gear(F/R) 24.5/24.5 km/h
IV -gear(F) 35.5 km/h
Tyre size 29.5-25-22PR  

8 Ton Wheel Loader LW800KN | XCMG

The 8 Ton Wheel Loader LW800KN is a XCMG wheel loader and a high-duty and high-end vehicle that meets industry benchmarks for wheel loaders. This model uses XCMG???s exclusive globalized platform technology improving energy-conservation, efficiency, reliability, comfort and other important factors. The best use of this vehicle is for heavy materials such as ore and lighter bulk materials such as coal in areas such as ports, mines, and logistics enterprises. Other characteristics for example are the following:

  • Latest cab features of higher safety, comfort and visual field
  • Scientifically optimized drive system and transmission
  • Extended wheelbase for high reliability and better energy-consumption
  • Pressure technology which automatically adjusts to achieve higher traction during certain environments

Firmness and Reliability of the Wheel Loader

The new XCMG LW800KN model wheel loader uses a variety of ways to increase reliability including:

  • Firm frame for higher stiffness and load resistance
  • Efficient working device based on the high strength sheet material used to build the bucket
  • Wet drive axle to decrease wear and maintenance costs
  • Special protection design for anti-corrosion

Wheel Loader High Energy-Conservation and Efficiency

The LW800KN wheel loader sold by XCMG is the leader of energy conservation in the industry with features that include:

  • Scientifically matched and in-depth optimized drive system
  • Low emission and low fuel consumption engine
  • Energy-conservation and high-efficiency hydraulic system
  • Lightweight design

Wheel Loader Safety and Comfort

XCMG???s LW800KN model wheel loader is sold with a full-hydraulic pilot-controlled device and steering system to enhance driver vehicle usability. The combination of the wheel loader???s technology and instruments make operations and maintenances more convenient. All switches, instruments, and warning indicators are well integrated into the cab. The larger visibility also ensures broad vision for safer operations. This wheel loader also comes equipped with a luxury stereo system and storage cells.

  1. Good machine review by Marcus Reed on 7/1/2021

    The wheel loader is working fine and I also realized this company is selling the spare parts for it, so we don't have to worry about finding spare parts for this machine later.

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