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8 X 4 Synchronous Chip Sealer | OEM

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Item Specifications
Name Synchronous Chip Sealer
Model LMT5311TFC
Outline Dimension of the Whole Vehicle (L??W??H, mm) 12000??2490??3630
Tank Capacity (m3) 8
Aggregate Bin Capacity (m3) 12
Chassis Model ZZ1317N4667C
Vehicle Pattern Flathead, 8??4 rear drive
Tire Specification 12.00R20
Approach Angle /Departure Angle 16??/14??
Engine Rated Power/ Rotation Speed(kw/r/min) 247/2200
Fuel Type Diesel
Seating Capacity (including the driver) 2
Top Speed(km/h) 90
Complete Vehicle Weight (kg) 31000
Load Rating Weight (kg) 11470
Working Speed (km/h) 3.0-6.5
Max. Spray Width (m) 4
Asphalt Spray Volume (L/m2) 0.5~3.0
Max. Speed of Stone Chips Roller (r/min) 130
Max. Spray Width of Stone Chips (m) 4
Max. Pressure of Hydraulic System (MPa) 20

8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer | OEM

The 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer is developed, keeping the International Standards in mind. The asphalt sealer is used extensively for the construction of roads. The primary work of the 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer is to spray the asphalt and to aggregate them simultaneously. The roads that are constructed by the use of asphalt chip sealer helps in cost saving. It also helps in the resisting of the road avoidance of the road surfaces and increases the waterproof ability of the roads. The chip sealer machine is quite useful in the construction of various grades of roads and helps in the quick recovery of the traffic as soon as the work is over.

Design, Reliability, and Performance

The secret behind the superior performance, quality, and strength go to the highly strong and durable chassis that can be relied upon its quality for providing a higher quality of performance. The 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer has been in demand due to its quality of preserving of the heat of materials like silicon acid and aluminum. The 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer can be installed according to the need of the user. The asphalt sealer can even be installed outside if required. The 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer tank can spray the fixed quantity with the help of a hand spray gun, as well as with the help of a fixed spray pipe.

The cleaning pipeline of the 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer can adopt the oil that is used for the conduction of heat. The nozzles of the pipelines can be cleaned with high pressure of the air. The chipping spread part structure of the 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer is compact. The 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer provides convenience in use and is comfortable for driving.

The 8x4 Synchronous Chip Sealer has a flexible hydraulic pole for spraying that can be controlled by a remote-control system.

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