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90 Ton Large Size Excavator - XE900C | XCMG

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Item Specification Unit
Operation weight 87100 Kg
Bucket capacity 3.5???6.0 m??
Output power 395/1800 kw/rpm
Bucket digging force 480 kN
Max. digging height 12060 mm
Max. digging depth 7250 mm
Max. digging reach 12330 mm

90 Ton Large Excavator XE900C | XCMG

The 90 Ton Large Excavator XE900C is an XCMG excavator utilizes an energy-conservative engine offering strong power capable of meeting high-efficient work demands that is also national stage III emissions compliant. This engine also meets mining application requirements and uses proven technology paired with durable parts to build a quality excavator.

Excavator Efficiency

The new large excavator adopts many new features that improve consumption and utilization efficiency based of the following:

  • Full electric control engine with adjustable speed and torque complying with excavating working conditions
  • 11% torque reserve improvement
  • 9% reduction in oil consumption
  • High-efficiency and large displacement rotary motor improving torque by 8.8%
  • PQ self-adaptive real-time regulation technology

Intelligent Electronic Control System of the Excavator

The new generation of electronic control systems in the new model XE900C excavator by XCMG features:

  • XEICS XCMG intelligent management system integrating the main control system, engine ECM, monitor system, control panel, and GPS cloud system
  • Controller that collects information on altitude and engine intake pressure to determine the optimal engine power and operation mode the vehicle should be in
  • DropsA or SKF progressive electric centralized lubrication system

High Quality Excavator Comfort

The XE900C large excavator for sale by XCMG offers a luxurious and comfortable cab system with ergonomic excavator equipment design, using hydraulic shock absorbers, multi-level control functions, a unique waist support function for long durations to ultimately help the operator reduce fatigue and improve comfort. This new excavator also includes a powerful cooling and heating air-conditioning system featuring multiple air ducts, a stereo air supply system and advanced acoustic system for versatile operations.

XE900C Excavator Ease of Maintenance and Service

Fuel oil filter, engine oil filter, pilot filer and the water tank of the large digger can be accessed and maintained on the ground without additional equipment to reach the filters which can lower costs and save time. The dustproof and waterproof sealing strip also keeps out unwanted water, dust and sediment increasing the excavator???s service life.

  1. Very powerful excavator review by Anna Reed on 7/8/2021

    turns out this excavator can lift a lot more than we thought

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