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  • Aerial Ladder Truck Aerial Ladder Truck
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Aerial Ladder Truck
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Aerial Ladder Truck

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Vehicle parameters



Total mass(kg)


Curb weight(kg)


Number of passengers


Driving parameters

Engine power(kw)




Tire specifications

7.00R16LT 10PR

Top speed(km/h)


Main operating parameters

Working platform rated load(kg)


Working height(m)


Horizontal/vertical span(mm)


Hoist lifting time(s)


Rotation angle


Main configuration


JMC Shunda JX1041TG26

Ladder arm

Korean ladder frame, seven-section synchronous expansion and contraction

Hydraulic system

Import of core hydraulic parts

Electronic control system

Electric proportional control, adjustable speed


The ladder truck is an essential piece of equipment for high-altitude operations, boasting a maximum operating height of 32 meters and a rated load capacity of 400kg. Its design emphasizes easy operation, strong flexibility, high work efficiency, and wide application in various industries.

Key Features:

Advanced Safety Measures:

  • In addition to the L-shaped bolt device and double sawtooth device, the ladder truck employs multiple safety mechanisms to ensure the utmost protection for workers at elevated heights. These include emergency stop functions, anti-slip surfaces on platforms, and audible alarms for potential hazards.

Enhanced Maneuverability:

  • The ladder truck's design emphasizes maneuverability, allowing it to navigate through narrow spaces and congested work areas with ease. Its compact dimensions and precise controls enable operators to access hard-to-reach locations efficiently.

Versatile Application:

  • With its impressive reach and load capacity, the ladder truck finds applications across a wide spectrum of industries. From construction and maintenance projects to emergency response and utility services, it serves as a versatile solution for diverse operational requirements.

Environmental Considerations:

  • The ladder truck integrates eco-friendly features to minimize its environmental footprint. Its efficient engine design reduces emissions, while noise-reducing technologies ensure minimal disruption to surrounding areas during operation.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • The ladder truck is equipped with intuitive controls and ergonomic features to enhance operator comfort and productivity. Its user-friendly interface provides real-time feedback on operational parameters, allowing for precise adjustments and optimal performance.

Customization Options:

  • To meet specific customer needs, the ladder truck offers a range of customization options. From specialized attachments and auxiliary equipment to tailored configurations for specific applications, customers can optimize the ladder truck to suit their unique requirements.

Compliance and Certification:

  • The ladder truck adheres to stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance with industry regulations and certifications. Regular inspections and maintenance protocols further enhance its safety and reliability in demanding work environments.

In summary, the ladder truck represents a cutting-edge solution for high-altitude operations, combining innovative design, advanced safety features, and unparalleled versatility to deliver exceptional performance in diverse industrial settings.

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