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6 CBM (m3) Standard Concrete Mixer - G6 | XCMG

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Type Model Unit G06ZZ
Performance of mixing drum Geometric volume m?? 11.7
Mixing volume m?? 6
Maximum diameter of drum body mm 2250
Length of mixing drum mm 4217
Angle of inclination  ?? 13.5
Rotating speed r/min 0???14
Charge speed m??/min ???3
Discharge speed m??/min ???2
Residue ratio of discharge % ???0.7
Range of slump cm 5???21
Hydraulic system Oil pump ??? international brand
Motor ??? international brand
Reduction gears ??? international brand
Hydraulic circuit ??? Closed type 
Water supply water tank capacity  L 450
Way of water supply ??? Pneumatic
Complete machine Brand of chassis ??? Sinotruck
Chassis model ??? HOWO ZZ1257N3247C
Type of driving ??? Left-hand drive
Curb weight kg ???
maximum gross weight kg 25000
Type of drive ??? 6??4
Wheel base mm 3225+1350
Tyre ??? 12.00R20
Means of power takeoff ??? Power takeoff by flywheel
Notice model ??? ???
External dimensions (length??width??height)mm ???
Engine Model ??? WD615.95E
Rated power Kw/r/min 247
Displacement L 9.726
Emission standard   GB III

6cbm Concrete Mixer G6 | XCMG

The 6cbm Concrete Mixer G6 is a very powerful and efficient mixer that you can use for all your concrete and cement mixing needs. It is designed with the capability to mix up to 6m3 volumes of cement and concrete for building and construction at a go. This is a feature that has made this cement mixer very competitive in the market today. Other features that have also contributed to the increased demand for this cement concrete mixer machine today are listed below.

Large mixing tank

The mixing tank is the most significant part of a cement concrete mixer, and it determines the level of output to expect from the cheap cement mixer. The 6cbm Concrete Mixer G6 is designed with a mixing tank with a diameter of 2.25m and a length of 4.2m, making it considerably bigger than most other mixers available today. With this new cement mixer, you are therefore guaranteed a high level of output which translates to bigger profits.


The gross weight of this cement mixer for sale is 25tones, which makes it relatively stable. With more weight, the 6cbm Concrete Mixer G6 has a lower center of gravity, which in turn helps to reduce the risk of turning over when mixing cement and concrete. This feature increases the convenience of the use of the machine and also the safety of the workers.


The tires also go a long way in determining the convenience and efficiency of using the machine for mixing operations. The tire specifications for this particular cement concrete mixer are 12.00R20, which makes them very hardy and durable. This way, the concrete cement mixer can be used in different terrain without getting ruined or affecting the performance of the machine for work.

When you are looking for the best cement mixer to buy, the 6cbm Concrete Mixer G6 is the best option you can get today. Besides the features listed above, it is also designed with a very durable battery that is efficient in the utilization of power, enabling you to save on running costs.

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