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28 Ton Concrete Pump - HB37 | XCMG

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No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Max. speed km 90
2 Min. turning diameter m 18.4
3 Brake distance m 7
4 Approach angle ?? 31
5 Departure angle ?? 12
6 Chassis model   CXZ51Q ( Japan )
7 Total weight kg 28150
8 1st axle load kg 6780
9 2nd, 3rd axle load kg 21220
10 Engine model   6WF1
11 Max. Engine power kW 287
12 Max. Engine torque N.m 1862
13 Max. grade-ability % 38
14 Fuel consumption limit L/100km 34
15 Outline dimensions (Length?? Width ??Height) mm 11990??2490??3900

Technical Data for Pumping Operation

No. Item Unit Parameter
1 Theoretical output m3/h 138/90
2 Max. delivery pressure MPa 8.7/13
3 Reach height m 37.4
4 Reach depth m 23.7
5 Front outrigger transverse span mm 7280
6 Rear outrigger transverse span mm 6600
7 Outrigger longitudinal span mm 6860
8 Delivery pipe diameter mm 125
9 Remote control distance m 100
10 Placing boom slewing range ?? 370


28 Ton Truck Concrete Pump HB37 | XCMG

The XCMG, HB37 series is a new generation concrete pump truck featuring a more advanced boom structure tech, reliable fully-hydraulic reversing technology, efficient rock valve pumping tech, advanced electrical control system, and ultra-low pressure loss hydraulic system. Running on a smart 6WF1 engine that???s capable of generating 287 kilowatts of power and 1862 NM of torque, this truck mounted concrete pump for sale is efficient enough for use in bigger and more demanding applications.

Hydraulic Power and Motion Transmission

Packed with a smart high and low-pressure hydraulic system, the XCMG HB37 concrete pump truck for sale is easily maneuverable and energy-efficient. It adopts the latest and most efficient power transfer box ideal for transmitting engine and truck power to the hydraulic pump for efficient concrete transportation. Its hydraulic pump is powerful enough to move the piston and axle to get the concrete pump into motion. As for its electrical control system, it???s both smart and efficient and delivers superior performance.

Safe and Smart Fault Self Diagnostic Technology

Featured in this smart boom truck are a boom overload protection system, hopper screen interlock, and hydraulic oil level monitoring system that work to maximize the system efficiency and minimize faults. The Fault Self Diagnostic Technology is customized to aid in monitoring the operations of the machine and displays any errors to allow for timely troubleshooting.

Great Performance

The XCMG HB37 truck mounted concrete pump includes a 28-meter vertical reach that???s programmed to save the boom from getting into contact with hazardous overhead obstructions. Its extended height limit offers operators superior pumping performance as well as high wear resistance performance. The pump???s components like transition brushing, cutting ring, delivery pipe, delivery cylinder, concrete piston, and discharge port are all wear-resistance, so they maximize pumping efficiency and lower downtime issues.

User-friendly and Simple to Maintain

It doesn???t require special tools or skills to keep the XCMG HB37 concrete boom truck in the best working condition. The smart remote control distance system motors the system???s performance and condition remotely while the fault self-diagnostic technology enables the machine to self-diagnose problems and allow for timely troubleshooting.

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