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Compound Crusher | OEM

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Technical parameters of Compound Crusher:

Specification Processing Capacity(t/h) Motor Power(kw)
800 5-15 4p 30kw
1000 10-30 4p 55kw
1250 20-60 6p 90kw
1500 30-80 8p 110kw
1750 40-100 8p 160kw

Compound Crusher | OEM

Compound Crushers have become more popular today than they were a few years ago. This is because obtaining sand and building materials from nature has become limited. This is due to the limited supply of these materials in nature. The effort required to obtain these materials from the environment is also more than needed to make these materials synthetically. Having rock crushing machines is, therefore, a trend in the building and construction industry. The Compound Crusher is most beneficial because it combines the functions of both primary and secondary crushers. Other attractive features of this crushing equipment are listed below.

High capacity

Due to the integration of the primary and secondary crusher features, the Compound Crusher is highly enabled to carry out its functions at a higher efficiency. The compound industrial rock crusher has a processing capacity of 15-100tones per hour depending on the particular model in use. These speeds and rates of processing are significantly higher than most other crusher machines available.

It is cheaper

The Compound Crusher is generally a rock crushing equipment that is not only cheap to purchase but also cheap to maintain. This kind of crusher machine for sale can be easily obtained from entrepreneurs that deal with industrial equipment for construction. The rock crusher price varies depending on the size of the equipment and the general design of the crusher.

Convenient design

Even though this is simply a hybrid between the primary and secondary crushing machines, the design has been made simple enough for use without compromising on the efficiency. The rotor, for instance, has a high inertia force that makes it convenient for use even with heavy-duty materials without getting damaged.

In addition to the features listed above, this large rock crusher allows the operator to adjust the size of the materials easily. There is a hydraulic system installed to help open the casing. This way, it is easy to inspect the inside parts of the crusher and perform maintenance practices like greasing and oiling. It is also easy to install a super breaker that reduces the amount of power consumed by the crusher.

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