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Concrete Foaming Machine
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Concrete Foaming Machine

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Parameter name Unit CSP100
Maximum theoretical displacement of foamed concrete m³/h 100
Main motor power kw 15
Stirring motor kw 7.5
Storage bin height mm 1100
Overall dimensions (length×width×height) mm 4600×2500×2200
Host mass Kg 3400
Conveying distance horizontal m 500
Conveying distance vertical m 100

Introducing the Concrete Foaming Machine, which is a technology that approaches the process of creating concrete in a groundbreaking way. The machine has been designed to simplify and enhance the process of making foam lightweight concrete . It’s a machine that features unmatched efficiency and reliability and can not only be used in the production of foam concrete, but any other production as well.

Due to the accurate engineering system and advanced technology, the Concrete Foaming Machine allows the production of lightweight, foam concrete by mixing the foam agent with water of the right proportion as well as injecting it into the concrete mixture. This yields a high-density foam that uniformly spreads throughout the mold, which diminishes the density of concrete and yet its structural effectiveness remains unaltered.

Such a Concrete Foaming Machine has the ability to adjust the foam density, thus gives operators the option to produce concrete foam with the required density to the accordance of specific project requirements. This equipment is used for the cracks closing, wall filling, or other lightweight building applications, which are made of consistent and uniform density foam mortar with utmost accuracy.

Formulated to keep usability and efficiency at the top, Concrete Foaming Machine comes with an intuitive control and user-friendly interface to let the operators keep a track and if necessary, adjust the production CV process anytime with just a few clicks. It is assured of longevity and durability owing to its robust construction and high-grade components that can meet the challenging needs of the heavily-trafficked construction sites.

Apart from that, the Concrete Foaming Machine is armed with safety features designed to safeguard the operator's safety as well as to avert the occurrence of any accident during the factory's operation. From man-stop buttons to safety guards as well as automatic shutting system, it is evident that all part of the machine in the making of foam form concrete focus on safety of workers as well as personnel involved in the process.

For the diverse variety of use, the machine is centered on the principle of adaptability and versatility, which fits with the construction of buildings (residential and commercial), infrastructure projects, insulation, and lightweight concrete production. From being a novice professional on a small scale project to an experienced user in a big scale construction, this groundbreaking piece of equipment provides unmatchable results with unbelievable accuracy.

All in the end, the Concrete Foaming Machine means the substantial leap ahead as the concrete production tech. By its latest technologies, customized configurations and solid structure the tool withstands construction masters to operate powerful with low costs and waste while their projects gain efficiency.


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