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Electric Goods Van

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Basic Specification
The name of the vehicle Electric Van
Vehicle type HQG5037XXYEV1
Main Parameter
Overall dimension (mm) 4430??1626??1940
Internal dimension (mm) 2400??1300??1200
Wheelbase (mm) 2800
Structure of vehicle body Monocoque body
Front /Rear wheel track (mm) 1380 / 1400
Kerb mass (kg) 1550
The largest total mass (kg) 2600
Rated payload (kg) 800-900 ???theoretical value???
Tyre 185/65R15LT
Number of Tyre 5
Front / rearaxle load (kg) 972/1628
Front suspension form Macpherson independent suspension
Rear suspension form spring plate type non- independent suspension
Front suspension form Macpherson independent suspension
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 135
Minimum turning radius (m) 10.7
Interior trim
Carpet assembly Rubber Y
PVC Optional
Back door Lifted back door Y
Air-conditioner system Air conditioner Y
Warm braw Y
Control System
Motor Type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Maximum power (Kw/RPM) 42
Rated output (Kw/RPM) 18
Rated speed (RPM) 3000
Highest speed (RPM) 8000
Peak torque(Nm/RPM) 175
Wind resistance coefficient (Cd) 0.4
Max. speed (Km/h) 80
Max. gradient(%) ???20
Max. speed in 30 minutes (Km/h) ???85
Acceleratio time(s) 0 ~ 50 (Km/h) 18
50 ~ 80 (Km/h) ???15
Drive axle ratio 7.75
Tire 185/65R15LT
Tire pressure (MPa) The front wheel: 0.450; The rear wheel: 0.450
Battery GuoXuan.39.9kw/h ternarylithium ion battery
Maximum cruising range (Km) 310
Using Air conditioner (Km) 260
Full loading range (Km) 260
USing AC+Full loading (Km) 240
Charger 3.3Kw,220V/AC ???
Battery Charger Charge time-Quick (h) ???2(60kwDC Charging.)
Charge time-Slow (h) ???8 (DOD=80%)
Motor controller DeweiXinneng 250V???420V/DC
KTZ33X32FB05,working voltage

Overall Dimensions (mm) 6045x1995x2380
Number of seats 2
Curb weight (Kgs) 3140
Total Mass (Kgs) 4490
Wheelbase (mm) 3665
Minimum ground clearance (mm) ???160
Front track (mm) 1710
Rear track (mm) 1716
Max. Speed (km/h) 100
Pure electric maximum cruising 180km
Using Air conditioner 140km
Battery capacity (KWH) 45.5KWH
Engine type TM5002(CHINA JJ)
Rated power (Kw) 100
Peak power (Kw) 150
Rated torque (N.m) 400
Peak torque (N.m) 600
Rated speed (rpm) 2300
Peak speeds (rpm) 6000
Battery type Lithium iron phosphate
Normal full charge time (h) ???12 h(220KWH)
Fast full charge time (h) ???2.5h(Charging Pile)
Drive mode RWD 4X2
Front suspension type McPherson independent suspension
Rear suspension type Leaf spring type non-independent suspension
Front brake type Disc type
Rear brake type Drum type
Parking brake type Handbrake
Power steering system ???
Front tire specifications 215/75R16C
Rear tire specifications 215/75R16C
Seat belts Y
Seat adjustable Y
Central control lock Y
Curtain Y
High-mount stop lamp Y
Backup camera Y
Seat material Fabric
Front fog lights Y
Electric window Front only
Electric rearview mirror Y

Electric Goods Van | OEM Ruvii

Are you looking for an electric delivery van to carry out your small business activities? This electric van having overall dimensions of 4430mm by 1626mm by 1940mm, and internal dimensions of 2400mm by 1300mm by 1200mm is one of the best options for you. As a business owner, you will not only enjoy favorable taxes for these electric vans for sale but also less running costs.

Battery (lithium-ion) Specs and Range

These electricals vans have batteries that offer top speeds of up to 80kw/h. The battery will offer different driving ranges depending on different scenarios. This electric delivery van will have a maximum cruising range up to 310 km with no load and without using AC, and 260 km when fully loaded but without using AC. When using AC but without load, expect a range of 260 km from a single charge. Using the AC at full load limits the range to 240 km. These qualities of the electric vehicle van battery make this the best electric delivery van for sale for transporting goods as well as services.

Chassis configuration

These electric commercial vans have tire size of 185/65R15LT which are capable of carrying relatively heavy goods making the van to be one of the best electric vans. The overall size of the wheelbase is 3665mm and it comes with 5 tires, 4 fitted and one for spare. The front and rear wheel track measure 1380mm and 1400mm respectively.

The new electric vans come in two-seats one for the driver and the co-driver. Being electric commercial van payload will weigh between 800-900kg and has kerb mass of 1550kg and the largest total mass being 2600kg.

Wind Resistance and Stability

Also, you have not to worry about slow-moving or fast-moving traffics as most of these fully electric vans accelerate and decelerates quickly. It has a strong wind resistance coefficient (cd) of 0.4 giving the van proper moving stability. The electric vehicle van has a maximum speed of 80km/h.

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