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Fine Crusher OEM

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Technical parameters of Fine Crusher:

Specification Feed opening size (mm??? Feeding size???mm??? Discharging size ???mm??? Adjustable range of discharge opening ???mm??? Cement Clinker (t/h??? Limestone (t/h??? Power (kw??? Theoretical weight
800??400 400??185 <120 0-10 5-50 10-30 18-45 4P 37KW 3.9
800??800 550??300 <180 0-10 5-50 20-45 28-65 4P 45KW 6
1200??1200 1200 ??450 <180 0-10 5-50 35-90 45-110 6P 110KW 14.4
1400 ??1400 1500??500 <190 0-10 5-50 50-150 50-150 6P 160KW 22
1800??1800 1800 ??800 <190 0-10 5-50 125-270 140-310 4P 315KW 49.7

Fine Crusher | OEM

When you are looking for a fine crusher machine, you need to look no further than the Fine Crusher. The Fine Crusher is the best machine when you want to do both fine and medium crushing operations for industrial use. Some of the materials this industrial rock crusher can work on include silica sand, refraction materials, and steel shot. The main attractive feature of this stone crusher is that it is efficient in saving energy. In comparison to other crushers, this one allows you to save up to 50% of the energy consumed, making it the most advanced. Some other features that make it suitable for your rock crushing needs are as listed below.

High speed

This rock crushing equipment is mostly used with cement and limestone. The overall output in the crushing of cement ranges from 10-270tones per hour, while the output of limestone crushing ranges from 18-310tones per hour. These rates vary due to the different brand specifications of the crushers, but they are significantly faster compared to other models of crushers in the market today.

Superior design

Manufacturers of rock crushing equipment often try to ensure that their equipment can resist abrasion by the materials being crushed. This rock crushing machine for sale is designed explicitly with hardy material on the impact plate, where the materials are thrown for crushing. This ensures that there is little to no abrasion at all on the impact plate, hence boosting the durability of the equipment.


It is relatively cheaper to use this rock crushing equipment in terms of energy consumption. The average energy requirements for these models range from 4P 37KW to 4P 325KW depending on the mode you are using. The energy requirement is minimal because the materials move within the machine freely by gravity.

This crushing equipment is used by most industries dues to its efficiency. The models vary, and you should choose the one that is most convenient for your needs. The crusher machine price varies with the model and sometimes the manufacturer. The most important thing, however, is to ensure that you buy one with durable parts such as the Fine Crusher.

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