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Hammer Crusher | OEM

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Technical parameters of Jaw crusher:

Specification Capacity(m??/h) Motor Power???k/w???
PC??400??300 5-10 4P 11KW
PC??600??400 10-22 4P 22KW
PC??800??600 18-40 6P 55KW
PC??1000??800 25-50 8P 75KW
PC??1000??1000 30-55 8P 90KW

Hammer Crusher | OEM

Just like the name suggests, the Hammer Crusher is a mini-crusher machine whose working principle is showering a rain of hammer blows on the materials being ground. These hammer blows are responsible for the disintegration and breakdown of the materials. This is a very simple working principle, and it is useful for crushing different kinds of materials. However, the attractive and exciting feature of this rock crushing equipment is that the size of the output is not constant or uniform; it is dependent on factors like the speed of the rotor, the size, type, and the number of hammers in the individual crusher machine. Other features of this rock crusher that make it suitable for industrial rock crushing activities are listed below.

Wide range of applications

In addition to crushing materials for building and construction industry, this machine can also be used in other industries and be able to give the same output. For instance, this mini crusher machine can be used in the agricultural industry to crush materials like animal feed and agricultural limestone. It can also be used in the energy industry to reduce the size of corn, wood, biomass, bagasse, and coal.


Due to the capacity of this stone crusher to crush different kinds of materials, it was important that the crushing chambers are protected. Due to advancements in technology, the crushing chambers are lined with materials that are resistant to corrosion and abrasion by the materials being crushed. This dramatically helps to reduce the maintenance cost of the Hammer Crusher and therefore save cost.

Environmental conservation

The shaft of this stone crusher is enforced with an alloy of steel. This is a feature that helps to reduce the amount of noise produced by this industrial rock crusher. In addition, it is also fitted with lock housing to reduce the amount of dust produced during the crushing operations.

Rock crushing equipment for sale can be easily found on the internet and even in all the shops that deal with industrial construction equipment. Different vendors offer different rock crusher cost, but at Camamach we provide the best prices on the market.

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