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HD German Type Impact Crusher | OEM

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Technical parameters of HD German Type Impact Crusher:

Model Rotor (mm) Maximum Feeding Size -150MPa???mm??? Maximum Feeding Size -350MPa???mm??? Capacity (t/h??? Motor power (k/w??? Dimensions ???L??W??H??? (t/h??? Weight (t???
HD1110 ??1040??1000 400 200 90~190 4P 90-132 3000??2360??2385 15875
HD1315 ??1300??1500 700 300 180~280 4P 200-270 3735??3156??3055 29600
HD1520 ??1500??2000 1000 400 350~500 4P 400-500 4310??3330??3660 42000
HD1625 ??1650??2500 1300 500 500~670 4P 500-670 5540??4330??4600 66000

HD German Type Impact Crusher | OEM

The HD German Type Impact Crusher is a rock crushing machine that has a working principle as most other impact crushers. However, having been developed after many years of trial and technological advancements, these industrial rock crushers have become very popular and efficient. Due to its improved technology, it can be able to crush an extensive range of products. This is the most attractive feature of this mini crusher machine, and it is what has made them very competitive in the market. Other features that make this rock crushing machine popular and very common for use in industrial crushing processes are listed below.

Higher productivity

The crushing chamber has been optimized to ensure that it can meet the required output even with the vast range of products it can work on. The expected output can vary depending on the size of the equipment, the brand, and also the manufacturer of the equipment. For instance, this brand of rock crushers gives an output of 90-670tones per hour.


Just like any other rock crushing machine for sale, this equipment requires some maintenance practices to ensure that it is effective and also to extend its useful life. However, what makes it superior to other brands is that the maintenance practices are easy to apply, and they help to increase the useful life of the equipment significantly. There are also safety measures that help to turn off the rock crusher in case of excess vibrations and malfunctions.

Wide range of applications

The design of the grinding chamber helps this large rock crusher to be in a capacity to crush a wide range of materials. It is covered with an alloy that resists abrasion and corrosion from the materials that are being crushed. The feeding port is also larger to ensure that it is easy for crushing larger particles of the material.

Rock crushing equipment for sale has become very common today due to the increase in demand for synthetic building and construction materials. When you are looking for a crusher machine for sale, look no further, the HD German Type Impact Crusher is the best for your crushing needs.

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