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30 Ton Underground Mining Truck
Quick Overview
30 Ton Underground Mining Truck

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Bucket 15m3 Capacity 30000kg
Unloading Height 5488mm Min. Ground Clearance 390mm
Oscilation Angle ±10° Turning Radius 5010/8990mm
Speed 0-33.6km/h Climing Ability 20°
Traction 320KN Weight 30000kg

Main Configuration

Engine:VOLVO TAD1352VE/ 315kw / 1900rpm

Torque Converter:DANA CL8000 series

Transmission:DANA R6000

Axle:DANA 20D, Rigid Planetary Axle

Hydraulic Pump:Gear Type

Multiway Valve:Pilot operated Clark


Introducing the 30T Underground Truck: Your Reliable Partner Below the Surface

A Compact Powerhouse

  • The 30T Underground Truck is a narrow, heavy-duty truck designed to fit into small spaces in underground mines. It can carry up to 30 tons of materials.
  • Its dimensions, fitting snugly within a 3.5 x 3.5 meter heading, make it perfect for navigating tight underground spaces.

Operator Comfort and Safety

  • The truck comes with options for the operator's compartment: a standard forward-facing, open setup or an optional fully enclosed, air-conditioned cabin. Both ensure operator comfort without compromising visibility.

Safety Features

  1. ISO ROPS/FOPS Operator's Compartment: This means the operator's space meets safety standards to protect them in case of a rollover or falling objects.
  2. Hydraulic-Release (SAHR) Brakes: Ensures safe and reliable braking, crucial in underground environments.
  3. Articulation Safety Lock: Secures the truck's movement, preventing accidents in narrow spaces.
  4. Dump Box Safety Support: Provides stability when dumping materials.
  5. Rear-View Camera: Enhances visibility for safe maneuvering.
  6. Reverse Alarm: Alerts others when the truck is moving backward.
  7. Self-Lock System: Automatically prevents the truck from being driven when the door is open, ensuring safety for both the vehicle and personnel.
  8. Automatic Alarm System: Monitors oil temperature, oil pressure, and electrical systems, alerting in case of issues.
  9. Engine Auto Fire Suppression System: Protects against fires in the engine compartment.

Maximum Efficiency and Productivity

  • The 30T Underground Truck is impressively fast in hauling materials up ramps, ensuring efficient transportation in a short time.
  • Its systems and components have undergone rigorous testing, refined through years of real work experience, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

Bullet Points: Efficiency Enhancements

            Fast Hauling Capability: Moves materials quickly, enhancing operational efficiency.

            Tested and Refined Systems: Reliable components refined through practical experience, ensuring longevity.

Auto Lubrication System

  • The truck features an auto lubrication system, ensuring that its components remain properly lubricated at all times.
  • This system reduces maintenance needs and extends the lifespan of the truck's parts.

In summary, the 30T Underground Truck is not just a powerful carrier but a carefully designed and tested companion for underground operations. It's built to ensure operator comfort, enhance safety, and deliver maximum efficiency while withstanding the challenging conditions of underground mining.

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