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Heavy Wrecker Truck | OEM
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Heavy Wrecker Truck

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Manufacturer Hubei Hua-Win Special Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Chassis No. ZZ1257N5847C (EUROII)
Engine No. WD615.69
Engine Power (KW) 247
Oversize (LxWx H) 10645 x 2496 x 3250(3420)mm
Total Weight 19500/20400 Kg
Max Weight 32000 Kg
Axles 3
Drive 4x2
Wheelbase 5825+1350 mm
Tire Qty 10
Tire 12R22.5 12.00R20
Max lifting capacity-Optional 20000 Kg
Max lifting hight-Optional 5000/9600 mm
Lift-hoist telescope length-Optional 3530 mm
Winch rating pulling capacity 10000 Kg
Length of steel 40 m
Max under-hoist useful length 3100 mm
Rating under-hoisting capacity 12370/11470 Kg
Fully extended max under-hoisting capacity 7500/7000 Kg
Rating under-pulling capacity 32000 Kg

Heavy Wrecker Truck | OEM

Regardless of how heavy duty commercial and private vehicles have been designed, there comes a time when they breakdown unexpectedly. When this happens, a wrecker truck needs to swing into action. The market is chocking with different types of wrecker trucks for sale. But one model that easily stands out from the overcrowded market is the ZZ from Sinotruk???s HOWO brand.

Chassis Specification

As a vehicle that is meant to tow others, a wrecker truck needs to have a very capable chassis to withstand years of abuse. And the ZZ does not fall short of this. This wrecker tow truck for sale has an overall size of 10645mm by 2496mm by 3250mm and comes fitted with Sinotruk???s chassis model ZZ1257N59847C with a wheelbase of 5825mm by 1350mm and a total of 10 tires (model 12R22.5 12.00.R20).

Engine Configuration and Drive Train

The ZZ is a 4x2 big truck towing with 3 axles. This big truck wrecker uses one of the most powerful engines by Sinotruk; the WD615.69. This is a Euro III diesel-powered engine capable of outputting an amazing 247Kw of power that make a really powerful truck towing beast.

ZZ Heavy Wrecker Truck in Action

One of the best wreckers for sale, you can choose to get this wrecker truck with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 20000 kilograms, and a maximum lifting height of 5000mm or 9600mm. It also offers an optional lift hoist telescope length of 3530mm.

These wreckers for sale near me have a winch rating pulling capacity of 10000 kilograms, a steel measuring 40 meters, and a usable under hoist length of 3100mm.

The rating under hosting capacity is 12370/11470 kilograms while the fully extended max under-hoisting capacity is 7500/7000 kilograms.

Standard Features

  • Steel body
  • Dual 40,000lbs planetary winches
  • Manual Spring Tensioner
  • Integrated under-lift
  • Dual manual controls
  • Complete wireless manuals
  • 4 sets of frame forks
  • Frame fork adapters
  • Weather stripping on all tool boxes
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