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HVI Sand Maker | OEM

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Technical parameters of HVI Sand Maker:

Model Maximum Feeding Size - Sand Shaping???mm??? Maximum Feeding Size - Sand Making???mm??? Throughput - Sand Shaping???t/h??? Throughput - Sand Making???t/h??? Motor power (k/w???
HVI 0815 <30 <35 70-140 130-230 2??75
HVI 0922 <35 <40 105-145 220-330 2??110
HVI 0926 <35 <40 120-190 240-380 2??132
HVI 1040 <40 <45 262-284 350-440 2??200
HVI 1250 <45 <50 345-371 414-540 2??250
HVI 1263 <50 <55 453-498 521-585 2??315

Sand Making Machine | OEM

Building and construction is mainly a labor-intensive activity that may either require extensive utilization of human labor or the use of machines. When you are looking for crusher machines or rock crushers to produce sand, this Sand Making Machine the best design for you. The main attractive feature of this stone crusher is that it is multi-purpose; meaning that it can be used to not only crush rocks and gravel, it can also be used to crush metallic ores and quartz materials. Several other features that make it suitable for building and construction activities are as listed below.

Safety precautions

This Sand Making Machine is fitted with a sensor that initiates an alarm vibration in case of a malfunction. While this feature is not available in models that were designed before this model, there are also other later models from other manufacturers that do not have this feature. When the vibration is initiated, the alarm will go off, starting a countdown after which the crusher machine will shut down to protect the operators and the machine in its entirety.

Superior design

This Sand Making Machine is designed with a bumping material angle. This angle works by reducing the friction rate between the materials and the spare parts of the rock crusher machine. This helps to preserve the integrity of the machine and reduce maintenance costs.

Increased efficiency

The rotation speed of the large rock crushers is generally slower compared to the speed of the small scale rock crushers. On average, the large ones make 1000-1700 rotations per minute while the small ones make 2000-3000 rotations per minute. This speed is generally faster than most other rock crushers available today. The overall operating capacity also ranges from 12-160tones per hour, depending on the particular model in use.

Rock crusher price varies depending on the model and the size. Rock crushing equipment can be purchased from al dealers in industrial and construction equipment. It is essential, however, to ensure that all parts are in good condition to enhance the durability of the machine.

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