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Hydraulic Diesel 3 Ton Diesel Forklift | YTO

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Speciality parameter Model CPCD30 Unit
Power type Diesel ???
Rated capacity 3000 kg
Load center 500 mm
Lift height 3000 mm
Mast tilt angle (forward/backward) 6/12 Deg
Front overhang 485 mm
Wheel-base 1700 mm
Tread(front/rear) 1000/980 mm
Performance parameter Travel brake Hydraulic-Foot pedal ???
Parking brake Mechanical-Hand level ???
Lift speed(with/without load) 400/440 mm/s
Lower speed with load<600 mm/s
(with/without load) without load>300
Travel speed 18/19 km/h
(with/without load)
Max. gradeability (laden) 20 %
Max. Towing 15/13 kN
(with/without load)
Weight Distribution with load(pront/rear) 6130/1170 ???
Weight Distribution without load(pront/rear) 1720/2580 ???
Power, transmission and others Engine Model C490BPG ???
Manufacturer Xinchang ???
Rated power 40/2650 kw
Max. rotation 162/1800 ???
Displacement 2.54 ???
Battery Voltage 12 V
Capacity 100 Ah
Gearbox Transmission type Hydraulic ???
Gears,speed (front/rear) I/I ???
Tire type Spare tyres ???
Model Front 28*9-15-14PR ???
Rear 6.5-10-10PR ???
Others Dead.weight 4280 kg
Free lift height 165 mm
Fork Thickness*Width*Length 45*125*1070 mm
Overall dimensions Overall length(without forks) 2770 mm
Overall width 1225 mm
Overall height Extended height(mast) 4225 mm
Lower height(mast) 2070 mm
Overhead guard 2160 mm
Min. turning radius 2410 mm
Min. under ground clearance Under mast 120 mm
Center of wheel-base 160 mm

3 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPCD30 | YTO

The 3 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPCD30 | YTO is an industrial forklift truck that has the power to lift materials weighing up to 3 tons. It is widely used in construction, manufacturing, and warehouses as the ideal piece of forklift equipment that eases the movement of goods. The forklift can be used to minimize work wages and boost the productivity of a company. Its features are analyzed below.

Flexible steering System

The use of forklift equipment always brings fatigue. However, the 3 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPCD30 | YTO features a unique hydraulic steering system that is easy to control. The steering axle consists of an oil cylinder that is meant to boost the reliability of steering. In the end, the operator has minimal chances of experiencing fatigue.


The best forklift must boast of good lift speed. This model can lift faster at a speed of 400/440mm/s even when it is full of 3000kgs of cargo. When loaded, it can lower at a speed of 600mm/s, but this speed reduces to 300mm/s when it is not loaded. When you buy a forklift online, also try to examine the travel speed. This industrial forklift can go up to 19km/hr. irrespective of the load it is carrying. When this heavy forklift is loaded, the weight distribution for front and rear is 6130 and 1170 respectively. More importantly, the stability of this cheap forklift is improved by the wide wheelbase of 1700mm.


A large forklift like this one needs a strong engine. Luckily, its C490BPG can guarantee a rated power of 40/2650Kw. The battery is also a determining factor when you are looking for the best forklift to buy. This modern forklift has a battery of 12v and a capacity of 100Ah.

With all these features, there is no doubt that the 3 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPCD30 | YTO is among the best forklift trucks for sale.

  1. good lifting capacity review by Mike Watson on 7/8/2021

    This forklift greatly helped the operations of our store

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