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Hydraulic Diesel 4 Ton Diesel Forklift | YTO

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Speciality parameter Model 5t Unit
Power type Diesel ???
Rated capacity 4000 kg
Load center 500 mm
Lift height 3000 mm
Mast tilt angle (forward/backward) 6/12 Deg
Front overhang 590 mm
Wheel-base 2000 mm
Tread(front/rear) 1180/1190 mm
Performance parameter Travel brake Hydraulic-Foot pedal ???
Parking brake Mechanical-Hand level ???
Lift speed(with/without load) 440/470 mm/s
Lower speed (with/without load) with load<600 ,without load>300 mm/s
Travel speed (with/without load) 19/21 km/h
Max. gradeability (laden) 19 %
Max. Towing (with/without load) 21/17 kN
Weight Distribution with load(pront/rear) 9870/1290 ???
Weight Distribution without load(pront/rear) 2980/3620 ???
Power, transmission and others Engine Model JD4102G ???
Manufacturer Jiangdong ???
Rated power 48/2400 kw
Max.rotation 214/1800 ???
Displacement 3.43 ???
Battery Voltage 24 V
Capacity 2*80 Ah
Gearbox Transmission type Mechanical ???
Gears,speed (front/rear) III/III ???
Tire type Pneumatic tyres ???
Model Front 300-15-18PR ???
Rear 7.00-12-12PR ???
Others Dead.weight 6280 kg
Free lift height 195 mm
Fork Thickness*Width*Length 50*140*1070 mm
Overall dimensions Overall length(without forks) 3140 mm
Overall width 1480 mm
Overall height Extended height(mast) 4240 mm
Lower height(mast) 2415 mm
Overhead guard 2335 mm
Min. turning radius 2720 mm
Min. under ground clearance Under mast 195 mm
Center of wheel-base 220 mm

4 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPC40 | YTO

A forklift is an instrumental piece of equipment that can be used to make work easier in commercial enterprises like operating a warehouse. The 4 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPC40 comes in handy to help in these operations, and it is fully equipped and designed with features that make this work easier. As the name suggests, this forklift equipment is diesel-powered, and it has a capacity of 4tons. It also has a load center of 0.5M, which makes it very suitable because it is more stable. Other factors that make this modern forklift suitable are listed below.

If you are looking for an excellent forklift, then the 2 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPC20 is the forklift for you. The main feature that makes this forklift for sale suitable for work is convenience. It is possible and easy to adjust the height of the forklift off the ground, a factor that makes it very convenient to use in all-terrain without risk of damage. Other features that make this small forklift equipment suitable are;


Besides its ability to carry a capacity of 4tons at a go, this outdoor forklift can carry loads to a maximum height of 3M without exerting too much pressure on the forklift. The forklift arm can also tilt to an angle of 6 and 12 degrees forward and backward, respectively. This ensures that the efficiency of this forklift is significantly boosted and that it can complete many tasks in a short period.

Superior engine

This is a cheap forklift to buy and maintain due to the superior design of the engine. The model of the engine is JD4102G, and it has a rated power capacity of 48/2400kw. The engine is also designed with a maximum rotation of 214/1800 and a displacement of 3.43. All these factors ensure that the forklift operates smoothly to not only give maximum output but also conserve energy.

Convenient size

The overall length of this industrial forklift without the forks is 3.14M and the width is1.48M. The fork dimensions are 0.05 by0.14 by1.07M, and the turning radius of this small forklift is 2.7M. All these factors contribute to the small size of the forklift, which enables it to be effective for use in all areas.

This forklift for sale is not only effective for commercial activities, but it can also be used for small scale operations. Due to its small size and economical use of power, the 4 Ton Hydraulic Diesel Forklift CPC40 is the best forklift you can find in the market today.

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