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Light Wrecker Truck | OEM

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Techinical parameters
Chassis brand and type Jiangling Brand JX1041TG25
Cab type Standard cab,crop and turnover driver's cab
Power (KW) 85
Wheelbase (mm) 3360
Carrying capacity???ton??? 2
Platform Dimension(mm) 5600(plus tail-board)*2300
Braking System Oil Braking
Engine Jiangling JX493ZLQ5
Tyre 7.00R16LT
Other Specifications 2pcs of Type B auxiliary wheel, 2 straps ,1pc Chain hook,Without bracket arm

Light Wrecker Truck | OEM

If you already in the truck towing business or would you like to venture into it, you probably know what it means by having a strong and abled wrecker truck.

These vehicles are designed for lifting and pulling impounded, damaged, or wrongly parked motor vehicles. What Camamach brings here is one of the most sought after OEM wrecker truck.

Chassis configuration and Carrying Capacity

The chassis of this wrecker tow truck is made by Jiangling Motors Corporation Limited (JMC) a top-selling Chinese manufacturer of wreckers for sale. Most parts of the chassis are carbon dioxide welded to provide automatic protection and decrease deformation. Also, the chassis JX1041TG25 of the heavy towing truck is made of strong steel for durability and reliability.

Designed for those who are looking for a light wrecker tow truck, this model has a carrying capacity of 2 tons. This might make a great tow truck for those who are just starting in this industry, and big businesses that want to expand their fleet.

In general, the wrecker tow truck uses high-quality 7.00R16LT (Light Truck Tire Tube) and the overall size of the wheelbase is 3360mm.

Auxiliary wheel, straps, and chain hook

The wrecker truck comes with the auxiliary wheel to offer supplementary support when lifting or towing an indisposed vehicle. Also, there are at least 2 straps (tire belts) to offer the vehicle on wrecker tow truck stability. For heavy truck towing, there is a 1pc chain hook to add extra strength.

Uniquely, these new wreckers for sale have a manual controlling system (joystick) to make towing easy.

Engine Power and Displacement Specifications

The wrecker truck is fitted with the JX493ZLQ5 4-stroke diesel engine that outputs 85Kw and a total of 116HP. This is a 2771cc engine with a displacement of 2.8L or 170 cu.in.

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