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Low Power Induction Heating Machine
Quick Overview
Low Power Induction Heating Machine

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Power Output


Thermal Efficiency

Up to 98%

Heating Time

6 minutes (to reach desired temperature)

Control System

Intelligent multi-loop control system

Protection System

Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, lack of water alarms

Heating Method

Electromagnetic induction heating

Energy Savings

Up to 75% compared to resistive heating methods

Temperature Control

Real-time temperature monitoring and adjustment via liquid crystal display

Heating Range

Above 600℃

Environmental Impact

Reduced heat dissipation, improving the working environment

Heating Coil Structure

Cable-based, with minimal heat generation and extended service life


Compact size, lightweight, easy installation


Simple operation; adjustable power output


Wide range of metal parts can be heated; adaptable through the replacement of the induction loop

Energy Consumption

Approximately 70% less energy consumption compared to traditional high-frequency tube equipment

Continuous Operation

24 hours of continuous work with a unique cooling circulation system

Safety Features

No million-volt high pressure, ensuring operator safety


Suitable for various heating applications such as forging, heat treatment, and brazing




Introduction to Low Power Induction Heating Machine

35KW Induction Heating Machine has become the epitome of advanced heating technology, which provides energy efficiency, reliability and a host of advantages for various applications. Let’s find out what an amazing device this one is, in simple terms.

Key Features:

Energy Efficiency:

  • 98% under the same conditions.
  • 75% savings over resistive heating methods.
  • 6 minutes rapid heating boosting overall usefulness.

Reliable Operation:

  • Equipped with an intelligent multi-loop control system that allows precise temperature regulation.
  • Has a perfect protection system in place making for long-term safe and reliable operation.

Lower Production Costs:

  • Heat resistant structure of cable based heating.
  • Does not require regular maintenance and periodic replacement, thus reducing costs for maintaining resistive heating.

Improved Working Environment:

Reduces less heat and can be touched by surfaces without special protection; overall conditions of the site for production.

Intelligent Multi-Temperature Control:

  • A liquid crystal display is used to monitor and change the temperature in real time.
  • Integrated chip smartly controls heating rate and output power adapting to different operational demands.

High-Temperature Heating Capability:

Its significant advantage against traditional resistive heating methods is that it provides high-temperature heating capabilities in more than 600℃.

Advantages of Energy-Saving Electromagnetic Induction Heating Coil:

Energy Efficiency:

30% more efficient in energy savings over traditional resistance wire heating methods.

80 percent efficiency in current energy-saving products is demonstrated.

Environmental Impact:

Creates a comfortable working climate by substantially decreasing the temperature of environmental production.

Long Service Life:

Functions at a steady 100°C and increases its life span, while reducing the need for replacements.

Improved Product Yield:

Ensures even heating, shortens the time for it to heat up and as a result, enhances overall product yield.

Drawbacks of Traditional Electric Coil Heating:

Heat Loss:

Therefore, significant heat loss to the surrounding air is considered in traditional resistance wire heating methods.

Increased Environmental Temperature:

High heat loss has adverse effects on the ambient temperature, especially in summer when additional energy-consuming solutions are needed.

Short Lifespan, High Maintenance:

The high operating temperature of the resistance wire heating causes it to have a short lifespan and requires frequent maintenance.

Performance Highlights:

Heating Speed:

Instantaneous heating in less than 1 second, adjustable speed control.

Versatile Heating:

They can work with a wide range of metal parts and be adaptable over time as the induction loop is interchangeable.

Ease of Installation and Operation:

Easy installation; needs only power connection, induction loop and water outlet.

It is small in size, lightweight and easy to use.

Energy Efficiency and Adjustable Power:

70% less energy-consumption than old fashioned tube equipment.

Adjustable power Output for better flexibility.

Comprehensive Protection Features:

With alarms for high voltage, too much current flow, increased temperature and lack of water.

Automatic control and protection mechanisms ensure safe operations.

Efficiency and Reliability:

Compact size, lightweight and easy to install.

60% more efficient compared with traditional high-frequency tube equipment.

Safe and Versatile:

It operates at million-volt low pressure, which means that the operator is not in danger.

120 V broad frequency bandwidth used for multiple heating applications such as forging, heat treatment and brazing.

Continuous Operation:

24-hours of non stop work; contains a special cooling circulation system.

In conclusion, the 35KW Induction Heating Machine stands out as an advanced solution in delivering superior energy efficiency, reliability and versatility for use with a wide range of industrial applications.

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