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LPG 3 Ton Forklift | YTO

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Speciality parameter Model CPYD20 ???
Power type LPG ???
Rated capacity 2000 kg
Load center 500 mm
Lift height 3000 mm
Mast tilt angle (forward/backward) 6/12 Deg
Front overhang 465 mm
Wheel-base 1600 mm
Tread(front/rear) 960/970 mm
Performance parameter Travel brake Hydraulic-Foot pedal ???
Parking brake Mechanical-Hand level ???
Lift speed(with/without load) 440/500 mm/s
Lower speed (with/without load) with load<600 ,without load>300 mm/s
Travel speed (with/without load) 18/19 km/h
Max. gradeability (laden) 20 %
Max. Towing (with/without load) 15/12 kN
Weight Distribution with load(pront/rear) 4700/650 kg
Weight Distribution without load(pront/rear) 1270/2080 kg
Power, transmission and others Engine Model K21 ???
Manufacturer Nissan ???
Rated power 31.2/2250 kw
Rated rotation 143.7/1600 ???
Displacement 2.065 ???
Battery Voltage 12 V
Capacity 100 Ah
Gearbox Transmission type Hydraulic ???
Gears,speed (front/rear) I/I ???
??? type Pneumatic tyres ???
Model Front 7.00-12-12PR ???
Rear 6.00-9-10PR ???
Others Dead.weight 3350 kg
Free lift height 160 mm
Fork Thickness*Width*Length 40*125*1070 mm
Overall dimensions Overall length(without forks) 2480 mm
Overall width 1150 mm
Overall height Extended height (mast) 4030 mm
Lowered height (mast) 2000 mm
Overhead guard 2120 mm
Min. turning radius 2170 mm
Min. under ground clearance Under mast 105 mm
Center of wheel-base 150 mm

3 Ton LPG Forklift CPYD20 | YTO

A forklift is a piece of critical equipment you may need to have, especially if you are running a commercial enterprise. An all-terrain forklift is especially important when you are carrying out farming or construction enterprises. Whatever the case, you need an excellent forklift like the 3 Ton LPG Forklift CPYD20. The main feature that makes this forklift for sale suitable for work is convenience. It is possible and easy to adjust the height of the forklift off the ground, a factor that makes it very convenient to use in all-terrain without risk of damage. Other features that make this small forklift equipment suitable are;

High productivity

This forklift equipment can carry a load with a maximum height of 2tons comfortably at a go without exerting too much pressure on the equipment. It has a load center of 0.5M and a lift height of 3M. These factors are very important in ensuring that the forklift has a high productivity index compared to others.

Better performance

The design of this industrial forklift requires the use of a hydraulic foot pedal to power up the machine and a mechanical hand level to initiate the parking brakes. When it is without load, this outdoor forklift has a lifting speed of 440/500m/s. The travel speed of the machine with a load is 18km/h, which is considerably faster compared to other forklifts.


This modern forklift has an engine model k21, manufactured by Nissan, which is one of the leading engine manufacturers in the world today. The rated power of this engine is at 31.2/2250kw, and the rated rotation is at 143.7/1600kw, coupled with a displacement of 2.065. These factors go a long way to ensure that the forklift can carry out work for longer periods without lagging and experiencing engine difficulties.

This high lift forklift is run by the use of a battery that requires 12v of energy, and it has a capacity of 100Ah. This energy requirement is easy to achieve with minimal investments, which results in a higher rate of productivity to inputs.

Get the 3ton LPG forklift CPYD20, this is the best forklift for all your heavy lifting needs.

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