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  • Picture of the Medium Power(300-600KW) Induction Heating Machine Picture of the Medium Power(300-600KW) Induction Heating Machine
  • Medium Power Induction Heating Machine Medium Power Induction Heating Machine
  • Picture of the Medium Power Induction Heating Machine Picture of the Medium Power Induction Heating Machine
Medium Power Induction Heating
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Medium Power Induction Heating

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Power Range


Technology Utilized

Modern international advanced electric technology

IGBT Modules

Infineon IGBT modules

Circuit Configuration

Three-phase bridge rectifier circuit, half-bridge inverter, series resonance in the main circuit

Duty Cycle Adjustability

Yes, adjustable power with a duty cycle

Start-Up Performance

Series resonant circuit for excellent start-up performance

Energy Consumption for 1 Ton of Steel

320 degrees

Power Consumption Reduction

20% - 30% compared to traditional SCR frequency systems

Harmonic Disturbance

Virtually no higher harmonics, minimal impact on power grid and equipment

Transformer Capacity

IGBT 300KW IF requires 315KVA power transformer

Component Reliability

World-class components, including Siemens AG IGBT transistors

Water Cooling System

Water heat exchanger, internal and external water circulation system

Cooling Medium

Distilled water for long-term use, preventing scaling and blockages


Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine:

300-60KW Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine occupies the top of advanced modern electric technology in which new features and components are implemented. Let us delve into the art of this technologically sophisticated equipment, discussing its merits and explaining how it works thanks to revolutionary technology.

Key Technological Features:

Cutting-Edge Design:

  • Based on modern advanced international electric technology theory.
  • Uses Infineon IGBT modules that guarantee accuracy and dependability in operation.
  • Submits to strict requirements of the process technology, which allows producing a first-class high-tech product.

Innovative Circuit Configuration:

  • Main circuit uses a three-phase bridge rectifier without voltage adjustment.
  • After capacitor filtering, it implements a half-bridge inverter for better efficiency.
  • Main circuit resonance providing variable power with a duty cycle.

Advantages of Medium Frequency Heating Machines:

  1. Exceptional Start-Up Performance:

Uses a series resonant circuit, solving issues regarding troublesome starts.

Resolves issues that are common with the traditional SCR IF systems during start-ups.

  1. Energy Efficiency:

320 degrees of power and can heat 1 ton of steel.

20% to 30%, compared with standard SCR frequency systems.

  1. Low Harmonic Disturbance:

Virtually no higher harmonics so that less impact on the power grid and associated equipment.

Eliminates pollution for transformers and switches, saving the normal functioning of electronic equipment in the factory.

  1. Optimized Transformer Capacity:

315KVA power transformer is needed for operating IGBT 300kW IF.

Speeds up power transformer capacity while optimizing energy usage.

  1. Reliability and Performance:

High reliability and long life due to incorporation of world class components.

Siemens AG of Germany features IGBT transistors, marking its quality.

  1. Efficient Water Cooling System:

Equipped with a water heat exchanger and an internal / external system of water flow.

The device uses distilled water for long cycles so that scaling and blockages do not occur within the unit.

This significantly decreases the risks of failures and lowers maintenance costs at the same time.


Essentially, the Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine is a technological wonder that combines energy efficiency and reliability with innovative design. It has the potential to overcome conventional challenges and due to its sustainability, economic factors makes it widely regarded as a pioneer in induction heating technology. Be it the outstanding start-up performance, savings energy or dependable components this medium frequency machine is a shining example of how modern electric technology has progressed.

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