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20 Ton Underground Mining Truck
Quick Overview
20 Ton Underground Mining Truck

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Unloading Height


Min. Ground Clearance


Oscilation Angle


Turning Radius

5400 / 8100



Climing Ability






Main Configuration

Engine:VOLVO TAD853VE/ 225kw / 2200rpm

Torque Converter:DANA C5000

Transmission:DANA RT36000

Axle:KESSLER D81, Rigid Planetary Axle

Hydraulic Pump:Gear Type

Multiway Valve:Pilot operated Clark


20T Underground Truck: Your Reliable Partner in Underground Mines

A Heavyweight Performer

  • The 20T Underground Truck is a powerful machine used in underground mines to carry up to 20 tons of materials.
  • Its design allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, thanks to the articulated frames and a small turning radius.

Power-Packed Engine

  • It's equipped with a strong DEUTZ BF6M1013FC power system, featuring a water-cooled, turbocharged engine.
  • This engine provides the necessary strength to handle the demands of underground mining operations efficiently.

Efficient Transmission

  • The DANA transmission system includes a hydraulic torque converter and a power-shift gearbox.
  • This system is simple to use and ensures a stable operation, making it reliable for underground work.

Safety Features for Peace of Mind

  • The truck is built with safety in mind, featuring a spring brake and hydraulic release within its braking system.
  • These safety measures provide reliability, ensuring the truck stops safely when needed.

Environmental Care

  • It incorporates a Canadian ECS platinum catalytic purifier along with a silencer.
  • This advanced technology significantly reduces both air and noise pollution within the working tunnel, creating a healthier environment for workers.

Enhanced Design for Better Performance

  • The newly designed model isn't just about productivity; it's a game-changer in underground tunnel transportation.
  • It prioritizes safety, serviceability, and comfort, setting new standards for underground machinery.

Benefits Beyond Capacity

  • Increased Productivity: Enhances the efficiency of material transportation in underground mines.
  • Superior Safety Standards: Ensures a high level of safety measures, crucial in underground working environments.
  • Enhanced Serviceability: Designed for easier maintenance and upkeep, reducing downtime.
  • Improved Comfort: Provides a more comfortable working experience for operators, allowing for prolonged use without fatigue.

Remote Control for Added Safety

  • The truck offers a remote control option, allowing operators to manage it from a distance.
  • This feature adds an extra layer of safety, especially in tricky or hazardous underground areas.

Conclusion: Elevating Underground Operations

The 20T Underground Truck isn't just a powerful machine; it's a testament to progress in underground mining operations. Its blend of power, safety, efficiency, and comfort elevates the standard for machinery used in underground mines.

This truck stands as a reliable and efficient companion, enabling smoother and safer operations in the depths of underground mining.

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