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  • 4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter 4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter
  • 4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter 4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter
  • 4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter(Upper View) 4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter(Upper View)
4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter
Quick Overview
4 Ton Underground Rock Splitter

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Climing Ability


Rod Diameter


Beating Frequency


Min. Ground Clearance




Main Configuration

Engine:Deutz BF4L2011 / 47.5kw / 2300rpm(D914L option)


Axle:Rigid Planetary Drive Axle, NO-SPIN differential in front axle



The Diesel Mobile Rock Splitter

What's the Diesel Mobile Rock Splitter?

  • It's a big machine that helps break huge rocks into smaller pieces.
  • People use it a lot in mines and building tunnels to split really big stones.

Why Is It Special?

  • It's made to be narrow and low, which makes it perfect for working underground in mines.
  • Its parts can move easily because the middle part can bend, and it can turn very well.

How Does It Move?

  • Instead of gears, it uses something called a hydrostatic transmission system to move.
  • This system makes it use energy smartly and move efficiently without using too much power.

Engine Power

  • Inside this machine is a strong engine called German DEUTZ BF4L 2011 or D914L air-cooled turbocharged engine.
  • This engine makes sure the machine has enough power to break rocks without any problems.

Making Less Noise and Pollution

  • It has something special that cleans the gas that comes out and makes the noise softer.
  • This is important because it helps keep the air cleaner and makes it less noisy in the tunnels where people work.

Breaking Rocks Safely and Efficiently

  • Its ability to split big rocks safely is a big help for people working in mines and tunnels.
  • It's good at using less energy while doing its job well, which is important for saving power.

Flexibility in Steering

  • The way it turns is really good because its parts can move separately. This makes it easy to steer in tight places.

Suitable for Underground Work

  • This machine is perfect for working underground because of its size and how it moves.
  • It's designed to handle the challenges of working below the ground.

Environmental Care

  • By cleaning the gas and reducing noise, it helps keep the air better for people working underground.
  • Taking care of the environment while working is important, and this machine does that.

Remote Control Option

  • Some versions of this machine can be controlled from far away, making it safer in tricky places.
  • Remote control helps operators keep a distance from dangerous situations.

Why It's Important

  • In mines and tunnels, breaking rocks safely and efficiently is a big part of the job.
  • This machine makes that job easier and safer for the people working there.

Conclusion: Making Rock-Splitting Better

  • The Diesel Mobile Rock Splitter is an important tool for people who need to break big rocks.
  • It's designed to be safe, efficient, and good for the environment, making it a helpful machine for tough underground work.

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