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Underground Oil Tank Truck
Quick Overview
Underground Oil Tank Truck

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Tank Volume

2.5m3 / 4m3 / 6m3 / 9m3(Customize)


The frames are articulated with 40° steering angle.

Ergonomics Canopy.

Operation Comfort & Safty

4 wheels driving & braking.

Combination design of parking brake & working brake ensures good braking performance. Braking model is SAHR(spring applied, hydraulic release).

Front axle is equipped NO-SPIN differential. While rear is ANTI-SLIP.

Low vibration level in cab

Early Warning & Maintenance

Automatic alarm system for oil temperature, oil pressure and electrical system.


Underground Oil Tank Truck: Efficient and Safe Oil Transportation Below Ground

Flexible Tank Capacities

The Underground Oil Tank Truck offers a range of tank volumes, including 2.5m3, 4m3, 6m3, and customizable 9m3 options. These variations cater to different oil transportation needs, ensuring adaptable and efficient operations underground.

Tank Volume Options

  • 2.5m3 / 4m3 / 6m3 / 9m3 (Customizable): Varied capacities to suit specific oil transportation requirements.

Designed for Precise Maneuvering

The truck's frames are engineered with articulated features, boasting a 40° steering angle. This design ensures enhanced maneuverability, allowing the truck to navigate through narrow underground spaces with precision.

Structural Features

  • Articulated Frames: Improved maneuverability in confined underground areas.

Operator Comfort in Focus

Featuring an ergonomically designed canopy, the truck prioritizes operator comfort during oil transportation tasks. This canopy creates a comfortable and conducive working environment within the truck.

Ergonomic Design Focus

  • Ergonomics Canopy: Designed for operator comfort and efficiency.

Enhanced Safety and Comfort in Operation

Optimized Driving and Braking Systems

Equipped with four-wheel driving and braking systems, this configuration ensures better control and stability during operation. The inclusion of four wheels enhances safety and precision in maneuvering underground.

Integrated Braking Design

The truck incorporates a combined parking and working brake system, guaranteeing reliable braking performance. Utilizing the SAHR (spring applied, hydraulic release) model, it ensures enhanced safety and control during oil transportation.

Differential Systems for Stability

Featuring a NO-SPIN differential on the front axle and an ANTI-SLIP differential on the rear, the truck ensures stability and traction. These differential systems facilitate safe movement in various underground terrains.

Reduced Cab Vibration

The cab of the Underground Oil Tank Truck is designed to minimize vibration levels, creating a more comfortable working environment. This feature reduces operator fatigue during prolonged use.

Early Warning Systems for Maintenance

An automatic alarm system is integrated into the truck, monitoring oil temperature, oil pressure, and the electrical system. These alarms serve as early warnings, facilitating timely maintenance and preventing potential issues.

Safety and Maintenance

  • Four-Wheel Driving & Braking: Enhanced control and stability.
  • Integrated Braking Design: SAHR model for reliable braking.
  • Differential Systems: NO-SPIN and ANTI-SLIP for stability.
  • Reduced Vibration: Comfortable working environment.
  • Automatic Alarm System: Early warning for maintenance needs.

In summary, the Underground Oil Tank Truck ensures efficient and safe oil transportation below ground. With its versatile tank capacities, maneuverability, operator comfort, and a strong emphasis on safety and maintenance, it guarantees smooth and secure operations in underground oil handling.

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