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Mobile Aerial Stock Picker
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Mobile Aerial Stock Picker

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Introducing the Mobile Aerial Stock Picker

The Mobile Aerial Picker is an optimal and fast kind of machine designed to go through the tight spaces of warehouses, shops, and similar environment types. Here we are talking about an innovative product which is designed with state of the art technology and a portable structure. Through this, productivity and hazard situations can easily be tackled within the industrial environment.

Key Features:

  • Narrow Space Compatibility: This aperiodically designed drone is controlled to move and fit perfectly into the limited spaces, for example, warehouses, supermarkets, office spaces, and also other pact spaces. Fast mobile construction brings a highly efficient company in terms of operations facing the traditional equipment can hardly manage.

  • Advanced Safety Features: The stock picker includes all sorts of security measures, including the fault diagnosis, the tilt protection and also the tank explosion proof to avoid oil tank explosion often encountered during oil expanding and also shrinking process. There are these features present which make sure the proper working conditions with operators are very created and there is a minimum chance of any accidents in risky work surroundings.

  • Emergency Descent System: Safety is a very major concern and for that reason there will be an emergency descent system that shall assure the smooth and quick descent of the platform and also ensure a reliable way out in case of emergencies or power failures.

  • Standard Working Platform: The stock picker involves a standard building platform, boosting the operator's operational efficiency and performance through the utilization of a secure and stable working space for stock picking and inventory management functions. The platform was constructed such that a variety of loads and also equipment were carried hence it was able to suit different operational situations.

Improve the efficiency and safety situations at your warehouse or super market with the Mobile Aerial Stock Picker. Engineered with dependability and performance, the multi-tools is constructed to satisfy the requirements for the modern industries and it prioritizes the operators safety and productivity.


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