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PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher | OEM

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Technical parameters of PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher:

Model Rotor diameter??length (mm) Feed opening Length??width???mm??? Feeding size (mm??? Capacity (t/h??? Power (k/w??? Total weight (t???
PCZ1308 1300??790 910??890 ???400 100-160 132 2880??2130??2390
PCZ1410 1400??1000 1020??750 ???500 180-230 4P 160/2??90 2830??2100??2485
PCZ1610 1600??1000 1150??1000 ???600 260-350 132x2 3370??2415??2750
PCZ1615 1600??1500 1400??1000 ???600 380-550 200??2 3370??2925??2750
PCZ1716 1700??1600 1640??1300 ???650 600-850 250??2 3520??3000??3210
PCZ1720 1700??2000 1980??1300 ???650 700-1000 400??2 3670??3390??3330
PCZ1920 1900??2000 1850??1600 ???800 900-1500 500??2 3729??3300??4450
PCZ2225 2200??2500 2100??2300 ???1200 1500-3000 1250 4620??5380??4780

PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher | OEM

Unlike most crushers that can only work on either hard or soft materials, this rock crusher can work on absolutely all kinds of materials. For instance, it is effective for limestone, tile, gypsum, salt, and coal. The most attractive feature of the PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher is that the hammers used produce the same output size irrespective of the material being crushed. However, it is essential to ensure that the hammers used in the crushing do not exceed 150Mpa. Other attractive features of this rock crushing machine are explained below.


This crusher machine is available in different sizes and models. This makes it very convenient for use by different kinds of people. It is designed and fitted with features that make it very easy to operate. The operator can adjust the height, speed, and even the effectiveness of the machine and the quality of output it gives to suit their personal preference.

Ease of maintenance

This is a mini-crusher machine that is attractive in not only its effectiveness but also its beautiful design. The design is also compact, and the parts used to make the equipment are generally longer-lasting compared to many others. The hammer that is used for crashing is also cast with material that prevents it from depreciation due to wear and tear.


The body structure of this rock crushing equipment is designed in harmony with the hammer that is used for crushing. This harmony is particularly beneficial because it helps to reduce the rate of spillage of the materials being crushed and also the output. It also helps in reducing the amount of dust that is produced.

The production capacity of these stone crushers is through the roof; you can expect an output of 100-3000tones per hour, which is very good. When checking industrial rock crushers for sale, it is essential to ensure that you consult with experts such as those we have at Camamach. This will help you to determine the best rock crusher for your needs and one that will be more durable.

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