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Planetary Mixer
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Planetary Mixer

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Introducing the Planetary Mixer

The Planetary Mixer is a flexible and stable system targeted for high-vigor mixing purposes. With its inventive features and sturdy design, it delivers excellent performance and dependability. Here's what sets it apart:Here's what sets it apart:

Robust Driving System:

The mixer has a drive system, which comprises a motor as well as gearbox which is precision toothed, the patent and the design of which are entirely optimized for performance. New gearbox design, based on the latest technology, has low noise, high torque and exceptional durability even when placed in heavy industry conditions.

Optimized Mixing Mechanism:

Extensive studies/testings have been done to develop revolution and rotational speeds of the blades such that output is maximized while material segregations are not caused. The blades of the mixer move smoothly and continuously within the trough, thus attaining homogeneous mixing of various grains of different sizes and weights.

Flexible Discharge Options:

The mixer offers flexibility in terms of discharging options as the door can be hydraulically, pneumatically discharged or operated manually. The special sealing devices on the discharging door will guarantee that the door is sealed reliably and the specially designed hydraulic power unit drives multiple discharging gates with a proper power that the operation of the discharging gates happens smoothly even in the case of emergencies.

Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety of the operator is always the primary objective of the Planetary Mixer, as thus it is equipped with high-quality maintenance doors having the security switches of reliable high-sensitivity. With this equipment a maintenance operation becomes safe and easy for the operator.

Efficient Water Management:

The water system of the mixer is erected on the top, and this prevents left-over additives and water inside the pipelines, thus their loss is minimized while performing the formula changes. The spiral solid cone nozzles provide a fine and uniform grind, covering a large range of mixing.

Customized Solutions:

Unlike other mixers, the Planetary Mixer has a separate testing center for different materials, so we can conduct comprehensive material testing to create customized mixing solutions according to different requirements.

The Planetary Mixer is offered in numerous models that deliver different processing capacities, mixing power and sizes to match various application needs. Built for low maintenance, smooth operating, outstanding performance with multiple industries in mind, it's the best for the rigorous mixing conditions. Say goodbye to your mixing problems with our Planetary Mixer, where mixing excellence meets versatility.

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