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Roll Crusher | OEM

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Technical parameters of Roll Crusher:

Model Roller diameter???mm??? Roller width???mm??? Input Size???mm??? Discharging Gate (mm??? Processing capacity (t/h??? Power Models (t/h??? Motor power(kw)
2PG0425 ??400 250 ???25 2-8 5-10 Y132M-6 5.5??2
2PG0640 ??600 400 ???25 2-8 10-20 Y180L-6 15??2
2PG0850 ??800 500 ???25 2-8 20-40 Y225M-4 45??2
2PG1260 ??1200 600 ???30 2-10 40-70 Y315M-6 75??2
2PG1560 ??1500 600 ???30 2-10 60-110 Y315L-6 110??2

Roll Crushers OEM

Roll crushers are not new inventions, they have been in use for more than ten years now, and their principal use was in the mining industry. Despite their age, these mini crusher machines are not entirely phased out because they have gained popularity in the industrial construction industry. This is because these crusher machines can produce output with close distribution in size. This is the primary feature that makes these rock crushing equipment suitable. Other features include the following.

Convenient size

These are small crusher machines that come at a consistently small size. This, therefore, means that you can enjoy the benefits they offer without having to worry about the size or space to store them. Due to their small size, they are also easy to install and easy to adjust to suit your personal needs and preferences.

Less dust, better for the environment

Due to the nature of the rolls, they can only be used to grind relatively soft materials, whose average size is less than 30mm. Some of these materials include rock salt, burnt lime, chalk, coal, clay and, limestone, among others. The most characteristic feature of these materials is that they can produce a lot of dust when they are being processed. The ability of this crushing machine to give an output with an average size of 2-10mm without producing a lot of dust makes them very suitable.

Wide range of capabilities

These rock crushers not only grind the materials like coal and chalk in their dry states, but they can also grind them when they are wet. They can also be used to grind any other agglomerated or frozen materials whose particles do not exceed 30mm in size.

These mini rock crushers for sale can be used in all industries that deal with industrial equipment. You can a find a suitable small crusher rock for sale at Camamach where we can help you identify the best Roll Crusher model that is most suitable for your particular needs.

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